Xbox one

I'd imagine very few people are excited about the one... The reveal was a major disaster for Microsoft.
Well it was only a major disaster bc like most of the time people don't pay attention at all. The thing I've heard the most is where is the games. But Microsoft did say that they were not gonna show games until E3. But I agree instead of CoD Ghosts they should have had a better game reveal such as the new halo or some other Microsoft exclusive! But they were wanting to get a broad majority of people interested and not just hardcore gamers. E3 is gonna be for the hardcore gamers
I thought the reveal was excellent, and the console rather impressive. Plus, the Ghost reveal got me interested in CoD again... Much of the complaints I have read about are not founded on any facts, and are simply opinions. Just like most material things in this life, it's all a matter of preference.

The things I liked most: Always on, much better voice commands, better controller, Snap, skype, hardware specs, and the promise of 15 exclusives!!! :)
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