WoW AddOns!


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What kind of addons are we finding useful?

Here's a starting list:

Master Plan
This is a great addon for maximizing your efforts with Garrison Follower Missions. It's gone through a few iterations now and I couldn't imagine Garrisons without it.

There's a lot of inventory addons, but I've settled on this one for it's simplicity and ease of use.

Raid Frames! I've looked at a lot of these, but this seems to hit the right spots. The configuration takes some getting used to, but click/mouseover heals are great! Also I like the other little things even when not playing a healer, like range, arrows over raid members, roles in LFR/Dungeons, etc.

Deadly Boss Mods
There's just no way to learn and retain all the things you have to remember in heroics and raids, DBM has been a staple in my tools for a long long time.

Not a game changer, but sometimes it's the little things that count and that you want to sell quickly!

What's in your addons?
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I live by these puppies:

As a healer, this allows me to click cast, most importantly, click cast using the default raid/party frames. I tried healbot and the like for years, but found this to be the best way to heal anything.

NPC Scan
It points out rares to me, so I don't accidentally wander past.

I <3 minipets. I want them, and I want them ALL. This is the best thing there is to show me where and how to get them.

I'm on an RP server. This thing is pretty much required (or TRP, depending on what your RP Guild/friends use) on those kind of servers. I've actually taken to MRP watching people and reading what they've got when I get bored.

Because I'm huge into Xmogs and make outfits like this.