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I wanted to consolidate some useful info for the other tankadins in the guild as there looks to be about 4-5 of us out there once again.

Stat Caps in order of importance
Defense - 540 Defense (689 Defense Rating)
Block (used to be Crush Cap) - 102.4% Total avoidance = % Miss + % Dodge + % Parry + %Block
Hit - 295 Hit rating (but varies on race like draenai getting a free 1% hit through racial)
Expertise - 24 Expertise

Threat and DPS Stat Focus in order of most return per point
Block Value
Attack Power
Spell Power

Best Seal
Seal of Vengeance - Has the highest DPS and TPS of all seals.

Abilities by TPS (Avenging Shield, Exorcism and Holy wrath when applicable)
Shield of Righteousness
Hammer of the Righteous
Holy Shield

Gear Guides
Gems and Enchants
Heroic Gear Guide
Raid Gear Info
Weapon TPS Breakdown

Talent Points
Although you should feel free to spec how you feel, do not expect to be considered a Main Tank unless you are running these talents.

Total Avoidance Macro
/script dr=function(x)return 1/(1/16+0.9560/x)end;DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Need 102.4 combat table coverage. Currently at: "..string.format("%.2f",GetDodgeChance()+GetBlockChance()+GetParryChance()+5+dr(GetCombatRating(CR_DEFENSE_SKILL)/122.962)))

http://be.imba.hu - Nice gear check with suggestions for improvements
http://maintankadin.failsafedesign.com - Defacto Tankadin site (not always safe for work)
http://www.tankspot.com/ - General WoW Tanking Site

General tips for tankadinewbs

  • Only one point in improved Judgement! 969 rotation is the name of the game now
  • Holy Shield is a Mitigation and Avoidance talent not a threat talent
  • Do not taunt off your fellow tank unless it is required for the fight like on Gluuth
  • There are several mods that show the status of Righteous Fury including Pally Power. Get one. Don't make us look bad
  • You have a shield wall now on a 3 min cooldown, use it often
  • Yes! Single target taunt and varmint killer in one ability
  • Wings early so you can use it more then once in long fights
  • Try to face AOE packs in front of you as you take extra hits if they get behind you
  • Spell Damage is a thing of the past
  • Strength and Stamina are pure win all the time
  • Intellect is for healadins
  • Blessing of Sanctuary > Blessing of Kings everytime all the time and if you don't know why mana regen is better then a few stat upgrades, then go roll another tank class
Thanks for the tips! I had to read through about 30 pages to get that same info off Maintankadin and elitistjerks hehe
One question I have for you, Sandric.... is Divine Guardian (tier 4 prot, redirects 30% of raid damage to paladin when divine shield is up) really worth having for a main tank? Yeah, it can lower the overall damage that the raid takes, but if you put divine shield up then the boss goes and hits someone else. If that person is a tank, great! Otherwise, it seems like that talent isn't really helpful. Seems more like an off-tank talent to me... wouldn't points in something else be more useful?
I don't think BoK is either, its nice to have but not neccessary for tanks. Plus it is getting trainable and not a talent anyway isnt it?
but I don't know what else you would put points in any better in the prot tree, you need at least the first BoK and those 2 divine guardians to keep the rest of the talents you do want, I guess you could go with Reckoning instead for 3 or reduce your hammer of justice cooldown
Why divine sheild? Divine Gaurdian, I thought worked with Divine Protection as well (Pallies version of sheild wall)?
No, it doesn't appear to work with Divine Protection. If it does work with Divine Protection, it is definitely worth it, but it only says that it works with divine shield.
yeah I thought the same thing at first, that it worked with protection but the tooltip only lists the shield
Oh, and as for the blessing of kings, it may not be REQUIRED for tanking, but it is a useful raid buff that other paladins sometimes don't have. So currently I would say it is worth having as a prot paladin, but that may change in 3.1.
Kings and Guardian's Favor are really filler points to get higher on the tree. Because Divine Guardian has some raid utility it is better to choose then Stoicism, Guardian's Favor and Improved Hammer of Justice which are arguably PvP focused talents.

Just don't miss your 6 points in Ret to get the optimum threat rotation and Seals of the Pure is guaranteed threat increase (although marginal) over Reckoning which is chance based and when you are low on expertise can actually increase your damage intake from extra parried attacks. I don't think any of our tankadins are at the expertise soft cap yet to start playing with Reckoning.

As far as Kings, the statement is specific to when you are the only pally tanking 5 mans, BoS is greater then BoK. When there are only 2-3 pallies in a 10 or 25 mans. Having Kings for the classes that don't need Sanctuary is ideal. Of course Redeemed usually fields 5-6 pallies per raid so you would be safe putting the points somewhere else and having another pally pick it up.
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yeah I like Kings because I get lazy in 5 mans, etc and like to just buff everyone with kings:p but at 80 I think I would rather get rid of the improved kings and put those points elsewhere for more threat or tanking skills or even reduced mana for instant cast spells in the ret tree
I have the 5 points in kings for now because its an easy buff to hit 5mans with. I have 1 point in Reckoning simply as a left over point, where I put 14 points in Ret for Pursuit of Justice which I know it's not a typical Pally tank skill but for me that extra 15% makes a lot of difference for me as I have extremely limited hand dexterity/movement plus add to that factor dial-up lag, so that extra 15% could mean the difference between life or death of a healer and me getting there. As for the expertise cap I'm at 22 right now
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