World v World Participants


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After having a blast in WvW last night, I am curious to know how many of us are regularly participating.

Last night I wet in solo and simply helped defend towers and keeps in the Darkhaven Borderlands. However, based on what I saw I think we have a fighting chance this time. If some of you are already grouping up, I would be interested in joining you every now and then.
I WvW often with two others on mumble. I am trying to get to 80, so not as often as I would like. I plan to soon start leading groups in WvW and doing what we can based on the size of the group. I have had quite a few on mumble say they will be interested.

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Haven't done any WvW but heard it is a ton of fun - I'm looking forward to going out in the near future.


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So I zoned into WvW for the first time last night. Looked interesting, everything is spread out quite a bit more than PvE. Realize though that I'll probably want to find a guildie to go with, cause you get killed pretty quick solo... or maybe I just wasn't sure what I was doing :p


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Worst case scenario, just find a bunch of green dots and go there. People flock to commanders, so you can assume there are many by one. They're a blue icon on the map.

Any time you see "Hey, X is being attacked!" will also draw a decent crowd.


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I really really want to do this! I've been timid about just going in without knowing what I'm doing, would prefer to be on TS with guildies who can show me the ropes. Hope there will be another Thursday night event soon, that sounds like great fun.


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I tried WvW again, unfortunately, my computer is so slow, it couldn't handle the large-scale battle I attempted to join and I was probably getting less than 1 fps... One second I was alive, the next I was defeated.

However, after my work laptop was recently updated to Windows 7, I am now able to run GW2 on that machine and it seems to work much smoother. I was able to join into a Tower siege which took about an hour, we finally won. I got a little over 40 kills during the siege, so I'm almost to the monthly goal. I think I may be hooked now.