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Open Realm Vs. Realm
We'd like to announce some upcoming changes for RvR in v1.3.6. As stated by Carrie Gouskos in a recent Producer's Letter, there are many upcoming changes for ORvR in the near future. While some of these changes do affect ORvR, they do not conclude the list by any means. We are vigilantly working on much larger improvements to be released in a later version.

This is intended to open up discussion to the items announced in this thread. For other ideas and suggestions, please place them in the appropriate forum so this thread can remain on topic.

ORvR: Victory Points for PVE and Prior Tier have been removed. New pool values are as follows:

Tier 1
  • Objectives: 40%
  • Scenarios: 40%
  • Skirmish: 20%

Tiers 2 & 3
  • Objectives: 45%
  • Scenarios: 35%
  • Skirmish: 20%
Tier 4
  • Objectives: 45%
  • Scenarios: 30%
  • Skirmish: 25%

ORvR: Zone capture rewards will now only be awarded to players within the RvR lake or an associated Tier's Scenario. Players will remain eligible for rewards for 5 minutes after leaving the RvR lake or an associate's Tier's Scenario as long as the player is within the appropriate pairing.

Against All Odds: in the event that an army is outnumbered within an RvR lake, members of the outnumbered army will receive a scaling bonus to Experience, Renown and Influence. This bonus becomes active on qualified players after being outnumbered by 20% or more. The bonus cannot surpass 400% and requires at least 6 players of each Realm to be present within the RvR lake. (Developer Note(s): this bonus is additive.)

Scenarios: players with the "Quitter!" debuff will no longer suffer a penalty to Experience and Renown but will now be unable to queue for a Scenario until the "Quitter!" debuff has faded.

Contested Cities: Players belonging to the Realm that lost Stage 3 will now always be properly disabled by the Routed ability.

Contested Cities: Portals leading out of the Khorne War Quarters and Slaanesh Chambers no longer check for combat status. (Developer Note(s): YAY!)

Contested Cities: Guards will no longer spawn at the six objectives within Altdorf and The Inevitable City. (Developer Note(s): this corrects an issue where Warlords could become stuck inside geometry.)
From: http://forums.warhammeronline.com/warhammer/board/message?board.id=dev_discussions&thread.id=10655

Yay for prior tiers/PVE being removed. D:

One thing I wanna add is what one poster said:

To put it simply, tier 2 & 3 have problems with population, so increasing how much Scenarios count towards capturing a zone is a bad thing. Tiers 1 and 4 don't have that problem with scenarios. Tier 1 due to endless trial, and tier 4 due to everyone eventually ending up there.

To which the developer replied:
Your concerns are the same that I had when making this change. Due to the concerns, and other reasons, we have additional features that will bolster gameplay within Tiers 2 & 3 but we are not yet prepared to announce them.


We'd like to announce a couple upcoming changes for General Gameplay in v1.3.6. Please keep in mind that these are not patch notes and additional adjustments may be in the works.

This is intended to open up discussion to the items announced in this thread. For other ideas and suggestions, please place them in the appropriate forum so this thread can remain on topic.

New User Interface option: Sticky Targeting. Enabling this option will prevent you from clearing your target(s) by clicking an empty location in the gamespace. (Developer Note(s): clears the offensive target first in the event that both an offensive and defensive target is selected.)

Player health bars will now update correctly when receiving damage or heals. (Developer Note(s): this corrects an issue where health bars would "flicker or bounce" upon receiving a heal or damage.)


I wondered why the health bars did that, yay for no more wonkiness. :D
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