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The following is a incomplete WIP (hopefully eventually complete) list of the maps on our server. Basic descriptors have been included to help identification of the maps along with links, when available, to their creator's with pictures. Warning links will have cussing and a couple go to Youtube videos. Often maps are named after their theme but I do not always make a note of it. As map versions may differ use the direct link to our server HERE if you wish to download/install a map rather than the author's link. Some of the maps without links do have pictures online but I've only included links to major sites that are hopefully safe. Don't take my ratings too seriously as they were done quickly. Maps I rated "good" were either because they had a higher degree of polish, unique game play or have simply been requested often. My maps are in a separate unrated section.

NOTE: I still have to add prop hunt, arena, payload, player destruction, as well as some odd maps.
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cp_abyss_b81 5cp, underwater base LINK
cp_degrootcreep_b5 degrootkeep Halloween re-texture LINK
cp_extol_a5 a/d dustbowl 2cp, unique style LINK
cp_freightyard_b4c 3cp small size LINK
cp_geomance_rc1 5cp custom textures remind me of quake LINK
cp_glacier_rc6 3cp gravelpit LINK
cp_glassworks_rc6test 5cp a map that was played in competitive highlander for a while LINK
cp_gravelpit_event Halloween, a single model's texture doesn't load?
cp_grotto a/d dustbowl 2cp LINK
cp_overgrown_rc5a a/d dustbowl 2cp, lots of custom assets LINK
cp_shiro_b1 5cp japan
cp_tidal_v4 5cp, rooftop, night LINK

winter map where you jump in a pit to score and sentries kill you
ctf_hotspring themed like 2fort but very different layout, minor "grinder" in basements LINK
ctf_moonwalk_v2 moon, center area between the bases has low gravity
ctf_newbine_rc1 turbine rework LINK
ctf_turbine2_a6 turbine rework, unfinished LINK
ctf_turbine_festive turbine reskin, snow, nicely done LINK
ctf_urbanbrook_rc "brook" visual element only, possibly remake of ctf_aquifer_72_a2 LINK

Mayan, caves LINK
koth_arctic_b3 played in competitive, winter LINK
koth_ashville_rc1 played in competitive LINK
koth_brazil_rc1 Jungle, cp is by antenna LINK
koth_chasm_b1 night LINK
koth_dewm_rc1 doom themed in a mars base LINK
koth_eerie_event_b3 a portal opens on cap which works similar to koth_eyeaduct LINK
koth_eros_rc2 Greek, will remind people of the Overwatch's Ilios but it's an actual place LINK
koth_hangar_b9 unfinished, airport, metal detectors LINK
koth_kemptown_b8 frontline, town square with fountain LINK
koth_lazarus_rc1 tropical, fountain of youth backstory LINK
koth_mayangold_b3 jungle, rain LINK
koth_mill_rc3 has a lot of pier/walkway shaped areas, vertical combat on the cp LINK
koth_occult_rc6 caves, golden orb of death (at least in earlier versions) LINK
koth_oilfield LINK
koth_ramjam_rc1 LINK
koth_sekhmet_b4 Egyptian LINK
koth_skyward_b2 inside a warehouse under a rocket LINK
koth_stallone_b2 resort hotel with pool and gazebo LINK
koth_watermill_final LINK
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cp_alloy_rc2a Gravelpit style map LINK
cp_battletal_b1_event Halloween medieval 3cp LINK
cp_bladend64_72 unfinished tropical town map 2cp a/d dustbowl
cp_broma a/d gravelpit 3cp LINK
cp_burghausen_rc1 medieval with both normal and Halloween versions LINK
cp_cabrakan_rc3 steel style Mayan themed map LINK
cp_chateau_event steel Halloween reskin
cp_croissant_final 5cp, curved shaped map LINK
cp_daytrip_rc4 a/d dustbowl 2cp japan LINK
cp_desperados_b2 a/d dustbowl 3cp sniper leaning LINK
cp_degrootkeep_xmas degrootkeep Halloween re-texture
cp_firewatch_a4 a/d dustbowl 2cp LINK
cp_garden_a8 and_a10 5cp made by Kringe a player on our server unfinished LINK
cp_gydan a/d 4cp, the points layout in a half circle rather than straight ahead LINK
cp_hadal_b13a 4cp steel gameplay, underwater base LINK
cp_hybro_b07 a/d cp conversion of hydro LINK
cp_hydro cp conversion of hydro
cp_jaddou_rc8 a/d 2cp dustbowl a re-work of haddou LINK
cp_kalinka_rc1 5cp, fall, base LINK
cp_labor 5cp been on our server forever LINK
cp_lwobtsud backwards dustbowl
cp_mojave_b2 a/d dustbowl style map in desert LINK
cp_priderock_b2 5cp, themed after The Lion King, has jump pads at mid LINK
cp_redfort_b5 a/d 4cp medieval mode version LINK
cp_redfort_b6 a/d 4cp standard mode version
cp_roswell a/d 3cp gravelpit UFO themed LINK
cp_rumble_rc3 a/d 3cp, jungle LINK
cp_sekhmet_b1 a/d 2cp dustbowl, Egyptian, there is a koth conversion of this LINK
cp_snowlodge_b5 a/d 2cp dustbowl LINK
cp_stag 5cp, spartan detail, quake, played in competitive a short while LINK
cp_sulfur_b4 4cp, steel gameplay, japan, center point changes as points are capped LINK
cp_tiplevarg backwards gravelpit
cp_whiterock_rc2 a/d dustbowl 2cp, was renamed at one point LINK
cp_whitewash_rc1 a/d dustbowl 3cp LINK

ctf_aerospace_b4 custom models with flying planes in the background LINK
ctf_arroyo_b8 small, 2fort style LINK
ctf_chaos old map with a simplistic castle theme LINK
ctf_impact2 skylight over the flags may be broken, played often a long time ago LINK
ctf_mach4 old small ctf we've played a lot of LINK
ctf_overlook_b1 old mid/small map LINK
ctf_snowfort 2fort with snow LINK
ctf_stormylab_b112 snow, bases... did we ever run it? I've no memory of this map at all XD
ctf_tombfort_rc Egypt LINK
ctf_turbine_pro_rc2 the competitive rework of turbine
ctf_turbine_upsidedown_02 as named, ramps make it work surprisingly ok LINK
ctf_unintelligence_rc1 reverse ctf, jump in a pit to score, bombs, minor jump pad/ramps LINK
ctf_wildfire_rc night lit on horizon by infered fire LINK

koth_airfield_b10 plane only backdrop, game play area is rather plain not plane :p LINK
koth_annex_b2 reminds me of a mall, elevators, a bit too open favoring sniper LINK
koth_avalanche_rc7 frontline, winter, zeppelins in skybox over cliff LINK
koth_backwoods_rc2 UFO, swamp, Halloween, jump pads, teleport LINK
koth_bagel_rc2a capture point is circular and raised, update LINK
koth_centrifuge_72_a4a unfinished map made by my old competition medic LINK
koth_cliffedge desert/mesa like, spawn too easy to camp LINK
koth_coalplant_b7 re-make of ashville with improved visuals but slightly worse lobby LINK
koth_dredge_b3 frontline LINK
koth_dropdown_rc1 LINK
koth_drought LINK
koth_flake_a11 made for a Youtuber's contest LINK
koth_forge_b3 LINK
koth_frostline_b1 winter, fog, frontline LINK
koth_gray_co_b2 night, rain, large Grey Co. building in background LINK
koth_hardway_72_rc1 swamp LINK
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koth_lilburgh_rc2 medieval mode LINK
koth_lovely_a3 unfinished, Balkans LINK
night LINK
koth_mars LINK
koth_moorage_a9 pier, boat, unfinished LINK
koth_nerve cp is under a rocket (too bad you can't fire it :p) LINK
logging camp? LINK
night, quake vibe, link goes to the arena version of the map LINK
koth_precipice_b5 small, the Saxton Hale of Mt. Rushmore LINK
koth_pro_viaduct_rc4 the competition version of viaduct
koth_rocktop_rc2 LINK
koth_sandstone_pro_rc1 Egyptian LINK
koth_sandvich_b1 fight among food LINK
Medieval, one long bridge LINK
koth_slaughter_a5 unfinished, conveyors, grinders LINK
koth_sludge_puddle frontline, trench warfare, probably needs optimization LINK
koth_sollytude Medieval LINK
koth_stark_b2 night, winter, looks similar to the cp version here LINK
koth_tikal_b6 link goes to newer better scaled version of this map but it is less finished LINK
koth_trenchfoot_b1a frontline, I'm told Banana likes landmines LINK
koth_winter_ridge_b2 icy map with the sauna that kills your fps LINK
meteor shower collecting LINK

bot_rockpaperglitter_B3 music themed koth, 3 stages LINK

ctf_ballpit_a1x restaurant ballpit, fixed a map name conflict by adding an x LINK
ctf_converge_b3 reverse ctf LINK
ctf_eggwar_b2 shrink yourself, go in a hole, bring back the egg/flag LINK
ctf_convoy_v2 moving vehicles, remade from either quake or unreal LINK
ctf_theskatingrink as named LINK

koth_garbage_day_final small, elevator LINK
koth_hellpit_b3 portal takes you go cart racing LINK
koth_kaboom_tmg_fix_a1 destructible walls, a quick fix on koth_kaboom_a4 sound LINK
koth_lolcano_b3 rising lava and Russian trolling what is not to love LINK
koth_luftangriff_b1 frontline, bombing LINK
koth_slasher_rc1 campground, includes all the Halloween event bosses LINK

cp_marioblast_2011 classic map from the fish[URL='https://gamebanana.com/maps/140687'] LINK
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ctf_haarp reverse ctf in 3 stage dustbowl style map, winter LINK
ctf_hellpower Mannpower map, did we ever play it? The version we did play is here LINK
ctf_system_rc1 the flags are on moving carts, not played yet LINK
ctf_vector_v1 reverse ctf in 3 stage dustbowl style map LINK
ctf_rift_rc3 reverse single flag ctf, Mayan LINK

domination mode, cliff base, lightning pit LINK

rocket jump practice, perhaps for low player count

small, effects include flooding, lava, and ice, spawn area is unbalanced LINK
koth_sawmill_event_v2 LINK
koth_sherman_rc1 2 cps to capture, vertical LINK
koth_working_class_b4 only certain classes can capture the point at certain times LINK
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balloon_race_v3_t7 version without music LINK
balloon_race_v4b version with music LINK

5cp, is as named LINK

unfinished, bumper car race map

confusing map, nothing like 2fort LINK
ctf_2fooooooooooooooooort_rc3 2fort with a really long bridge LINK
ctf_2fort_rainy 2fort with rain LINK
ctf_2fort_twist 2fort with the map twisted at the bridge LINK

>.< LINK
koth_sandviches music, barely a map LINK
koth_twofortflooded it's just the center of 2fort with a submerged cp
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cp_hot_rocket_a4 dustbowl a/d, 3 stages in pursuit of a stolen rocket
cp_boomtown_a10 5cp western tropes and two bases building rockets that go "BOOM"
ctf_bad_manors_a6 two spooky houses with a layout similar to 2fort but hopefully better
fw_debasing_a2 fort wars map, ui conflict needs fixing
koth_tug_o_war_a3 koth on a boat
koth_war-house_a5 war-house warfare, a toj tradition
pl_cache_and_carry_a3 payload with a downward slant, cart bug needs fixing
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I've still to parse it and update the above posts (which are out of date and incomplete) but this is the raw text file of every map on our server, with links (if available) and some minor description tags (save the prophunt maps which I've yet to go through).

I've gone through all the maps and reduced them from ~700-800 (don't remember exact number) down to 391. Now that I can make a maplist for it I have to work on updating source mod.


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