Wintersday drops

Hello Everyone,

I've a bunch of the following which I never use and usually toss; however, if anyone here wants them please just hit me up in game and they are yours (edit: free of charge, I just want to pass them on to someone who needs/wants them):

Candy Cane Shards
Snowman Summoners
Frosty Tonics


Phaide Tu Blacke
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Shards are useless until next Wintersday, depending on how many you have, it might be worth while to hold onto them until next year (or Wintersday in July, if they do that again)and sell/use them then. As for the sweets and alcohol those will be taken fast. I know more than a few people close/going for those titles.
If you know of any who need those items to complete titles, have them contact me. I have several fruitcakes and tonics that I am more than willing to give away. PM me or in-game @Nimrod the Gallant. Thanks!
I would like to try to go for the titles w/ the sweets and alcohol and the ccs would help me out a good amnt once wintersday comes so if you are willing, i will take 'em.