Winter Assault demo is cool but too short

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I played through the one campaign mission in the Dawn of War: Winter Assault demo last night and was quite surprised when it kicked out to a "BUY THE FULL VERSION!" splash screen. I liked the demo, but would like to try out the two other races before I lay down $20 from my meager budget.

It's likely going to be a while before I spend any money on computer games or upgrades, so don't expect me in the game any time soon. If the chapter does get large enough, though, I don't think I could resist the urge to hop on and play a RTS game with ToJ members. I miss the long-done and much-loved days of Starcraft; I've been watching for "the next big thing" in RTS games ever since.
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Have you tried the Dawn of War demo? That might have a few more missions that you could play and would definitely offer something other than the IG.
Nah, it's just one mission too.

The DoW demo brings you back to the main menu after you're done with the mission. It lets you play a skirmish tho, but against the gimped AI of that release, it's no fun.
ITCHING to get this game and start warring with you guys.
Prolly won't be getting it soon tho, as school is hectic, budget is tight, and I'd usually rather be drawing ;c)