So hard must I build up my life,
To achieve the goals before me,
To make my mom and pop real proud,
To tell you all this story,

But briars and thorns will bar my way
low pits and mountain highs
Will fight me every single step
and all I ask is why?

Why must I stop to sleep each night,
From 4 to 7 hours,
Why can't I stay up and do work,
To build my mental powers,

Why must friends call and ask my time,
When I have much to do?
Why can't I be left all alone,
To work to pay my dues

Why must I stop at every line,
To drink or go see the john,
Why can't the urge within me wait,
Until this poem is done?

But as I sit here and complain,
my mind begins to think,
Of other people's current lives,
The lives that truly stink

There are those lives that have no toys,
Nor joy nor money nor food,
With paychecks low and bills so high,
And collectors who are rude,

Some have lost a real close friend,
Some have lost their home,
Some have lost a body part,
Some are skin and bones

So once again I must ask why,
Why must I always scoff,
At all the bad things in my life,
When others are worse off,

So what if I must sleep or eat,
Or go when nature calls,
My life could be a whole lot worse,
So why ask why at all?