Who is playing what poll

What class/role are you playing?

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INQ Tank can go under INQ MDPS or just share a slot with the SW tank. :p


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although a poll is nice, it is not a living document. Basically all we need is someone with moderator access to keep a thread running where they list the classes in the top post and keep it updated. Then as people change it can easily be updated. But poll away for now :) soon one of us officers will get moderator access and can get it started.


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My "main" will most likely be a Sith Sorcerer (can't decide between dps and healer), with an Imperial Agent healer close behind.


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Wow, no assassins yet? I may change my Inq from a lightning to deception assassin, I had a blast with that one in the beta.


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Im hoping to play an Assassin... going to be playing it as a tank form so long as it works well enough. I did tank on him in the level 10 FP and it went well... hope that continues through later levels.


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And now I'm thinking that since I'm the PVP Officer, I'll go Assassin Tank, since they're not only tanks, but have abilities to protect allies...