Who am I, who are you?


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Hey ladies and gents,

I figured I'd might start this thread in hopes of getting to know each and everyone you better. Being the new guy to this group, I already have heartfelt appreciation to the welcome I have garnered so far from those that I've met. Thanks for the goodies Madeline :)

Anyway a little about myself and my sphere of the world:

I currently live in a small community in central Missouri, close to where I attended college in hopes of becoming a Sign Language Interpreter for the Deaf. Had I known thats not what I would've ended up doing I would've picked a different profession but rarely do these things happen when you don't have a God-given vision for the future :p However God opens doors and he closes them. Anywho I've been married to my wife Christina for some 3 years now and we have a great life, some may argue but God is leading us into a better relationship in preparation for starting a family.

We currently attend a wonderful church called the Light House Church which took quite a few years to find but in which we are extremely blessed to be apart of. Apart from our biological family, this is truly our family. Both of our families currently reside in the Kansas City side of Missouri in which we frequently visit but ever since we finished college we felt compelled to stay where we we're.

We have several fish and one cat named Scooter, hes a little skittish :p There is much more about myself that I'm sure you'll get to know as I come to know all of you.

Thanks again,



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Ah, I am Madiera / Adorabull - otherwise known as Jo. Was a professional driver (trucks not race cars! LOL) for about 25 years until my health gave out the end of last year. Hubby and I decided to move in with my family in Maryland, where we are in paradise - God put us on the water, with 4 acres for our puppy (yeah, he is an 80lb puppy) to run in. We do miss Texas, but I don't miss the heat.
I am in my mid 40s - old gamer from way way back - and never broke the habit of wanting to meet people with this amazing medium.
I also have 3 very cute rabbits, a couple of them old geezers like me, and I am so very happy with my life now. God granted me rest - and I am so relieved.
I don't speak for hubby, he likes to speak for himself.

Jason Franklin

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Greetings and Salutations...

Name's Jason. Kortak is my main. My locations is the top of the middle of nowhere. A little town called Westwood in NE California. God brought my family and me up here in September of 2005 to plan a church.

Speaking of family, I am married with four children (3 girls and a boy). My wife, Jenn, also plays WoW (but on another server and has no intention of changing due to Blade's lousy economy). We met in college (she happens to be my first roommates ex-girlfriend from high school - weird world) but didn't start dating till after God slapped me around a bit a pulled my head out of a very dark and smelly place. Our first child was a God thing (well, truth be told they all are) as we were taking precautions. We'd planned to be selfish and keep ourselves to each other for some years before having children. God knew better.

Gaming wise, I was a pencil and paper RPG nut. Got into computer games in Jr. High (starting with Zork). My first intro to MMORPG was through AOL. They had some pretty nifty online games (what ever happened to Federation?). I spent several years alpha and beta testing games for various companies...some as a paid consultant some just for the kicks. Stopped for a while till a friend gave me a trial cert for WoW. Decided it might be worth paying for.


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About me

Hey. I'm a 31 year-old professor at a Christian University in So. California. I've been playing WoW since very near the opening, but on various servers. Once again, I find myself returning to Blade's Edge after another non-Christian guild blew itself apart. You'd think I'd learn, but I think I want to commit to more time here on BE for now. Sorry I haven't been around much, but I hope to see many of you in the game!


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And so it turns out that the world is very small....Kortak and I graduated from the same university at the same time. We're still trying to figure out if we met... :)


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Well I'm Yellowjacket warrior, Killeen hunter, Erath pally, Demitt priest. If your in need of anything don't hesitate to ask. OH and Welcome to MSC.