Where'd they all go?


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When we were thinking about forming this chapter, there were plenty of people interested to make it a good start. It seemed like once the chapter was created, everyone who showed interest just vanished. What happened?

Is there anyone that is still interested in playing some co-op or skirmishes? I've put the game aside while I play Battlefield 2 and build websites. I wouldn't mind from time to time to have a good old 'beat up on the AI' match.
Good question. I guess this chapter needs to be put "on hold" till further notice, or unles somebody wants to get things going again.
Arkanjel said:
Perhaps the two should be combined?? Just a thought.
The idea of creating a real-time strategy chapter for ToJ has been discussed in the past, but I passed on the idea. ToJ's structure is based on games for individual games or series of games. Trying to pull activity together for a genre-based chapter would be difficult; however, the idea of a real-time strategy division (a sort of umbrella over all RTS chapters) is feasible.
The umbrella chapter for RTS might make it easier to keep everyone in one place, and it might spur peoples on to try other games.
I completely agree (and also recommended the RTS umbrella in the staff forum recently). An RTS chapter would definitely spur members to try other games. Most RTS players are fans of the genre anyway, and not just one specific game. I'd love to get more people interested in the Total War series for example.
Hello! I'm still alive, just insanely busy with work.

About having an RTS forum, well, there's a lot of crossover among RTS players, aren't there? I'm kinda for it.

I'll be looking to get into DoW after Christmas, if y'all are willing to hold off on deleting your clients for a while longer ;-)
Chaoshammer said:
I'll break from World of Warcraft if this chapter needs people and maybe encourage others to do the same
This chapter would actually be re-created as a sub-section of the upcoming Real-time Strategy Section of ToJ. The RTS Section was ready to roll, but we ran into a snag when the Section Leader stepped down. Have no fear! Plans for the RTS Section, including a Dawn of War sub-section, are still a go.

In the mean time, I'd recommend stirring up interest in the DoW games among ToJ members and perhaps recruiting on outside forums.

As for me, I really liked the DoW games I played, but can't afford to purchase DoW (or any computer game, for that matter) right now. Once I get a job and if I can find DoW and Winter Assault at a cheap price, I'll likely pick it up.
Actually, my cousin and I are getting into this game as we speak. I will have the original campaign and winter assault later this summer. If we start playing regularly, maybe we'll start spamming invites to TOJ'ers to join us in some skirmishes.
I used to be heavy into RTS games. not so much now but there is 1 I will be playing no matter what. the game of all games the father of good RTS games. Command and Conquer 3 is going to be coming out I think Feb of next year. They are going back to the original story line GDI vs NoD none of the generals and Red Alert (I did like Red Alert BTW) stuff they went off on :).