What do you have the most trouble with in-game and would like help with?

What do you have the most trouble with in-game and would like help with?

  • Making money (Whether for skills/armor or for titles)

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  • Jade Quarry/Fort Aspenwood

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I'm just curious as to what you all find the most challenging about the game. I've helped countless people with a variety of problems, but if there's certain things that everyone is struggling with, then I could organise something. For example if everyone is having money issues and/or would like to learn to speedclear, we could arrange a time to meet up and try a few speedclears together, or if everyone wants to get their Hero rank up, we could have a few bashes at HA together at certain points.
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Aha, I know the feeling! ;)
I'd love to have 36 hours a day to get everything I need out of the way and have more spare time. I think people who have 50/50 on their HoM already must have that!

It looks like elite areas are the main issue. Speedclearing is possible, but maybe we shouldn't dive straight into it. If you guys want, we could all meet up at some point and do a full UW run for the statue? I'll run you through what you need to do before each section of UW.


I'd love an uw run. I've cleared it before in balanced teams and I know what to do with each section, but I've never done a speedclear and I don't have much experience with Dhuum himself. Most teams I've been with fail before that point.

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elite areas. UW, DoA, Urgoz, Kanaxai. I always find myself accepting Zaishen Bounties for these areas...then always end up abandoning them.

Also I find trouble in evaluating the builds I use in pvp. Or rather, it seems most builds never show any improvement in terms of wins/losses, or perceived effectiveness from one to the next.


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Evaluating builds in PvP is quite hard, because no two matches are the same.
The way I'd evaluate a build would be by asking myself these questions:

1. How is this build expected to work?
2. After several matches, has this build worked as expected?
3. If not, what went wrong?

Here's an example scenario:

I'm a fairly new mesmer and have noticed the power of the spell "Backfire". I will cast this on monks to either make them kill themselves or stop healing for the duration of the hex.

After several matches, I have discovered that the monk can simply remove the hex. Also, some monks precast the enchantment Holy Veil. The hex removal can be countered by covering the hex with a cheap, fast recharging hex. I will try using Mind Wrack straight after Backfire to cause the monk to remove Mind Wrack but still be hexed with Backfire. The enchantment can be countered by the use of the spell Drain Enchantment prior to casting the hexes.

After several matches, I am satisfied with the results, although I'm having energy issues. I will try taking Power Drain...

And so on.