What crew skills have people taken?


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I am thinking synthweaving because I've done Artiface on two characters on different servers. What else do we have?
I am doing Synthweaving, Underworld Trading, and Archaeology
I attached an image of the crew skills relationships
Between my 8 characters, I have all covered. However, I have not really worked on getting them up as yet. I have two toons that are dedicated gatherers, so I have been accumulating a lot of mats. I tend to like gathering, but not crafting. So I may just become the guild Mat Rat. :)
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It will be nice when we get a guild bank for mats. I ended up taking Synthweaving, Archeology and Underworld trading. I opted for not following the guide with my DS main by taking Artiface, Archeology and slicing. While I get money, getting the mats for purple items is nearly impossible.
Since my Armstech had scavenging, I opted for slicing for my Cybertech... big mistake because I never seem to have enough mats. My new Guardian will probably have Synthweaving and I may have him do Archeology and Scavenging since I already have a toon doing Underworld trading.

Having a guild bank is going to be a huge help. I can't wait for 1.2 to get here (especially if I can shut the ship droid up...lol)!
I'm starting Biochem, but with a toon only in the teens it's not very helpful currently...
I chose my skills based on bonuses that the companions have. It works out pretty well. I plan to just mail large quantities of mats to the toons that need them.

On Cecylien I have: Cybertech, Scavenging, and Underworld Trading.
The scavenging and Underworld Trading bring me a lot because of Bowdaar's and Corso's bonuses. I work on Cybertech once in awhile, but it won't be viable until after 1.2 when the mounts stop binding to you after you make them.

On Amixin I have: Slicing, Treasure hunting, and Archeology.
The Slicing is to make money for my whole account. I've found that whenever I'm short on money on either toon, I can send all three companions off on slicing missions, come back in half an hour, and then have a bunch of money. I sell pretty much everything I get from Treasure hunting and Archeology.

I'm going to create a Trooper to do these ones: Biochem, Diplomacy, Bioanalysis.
I only have 1 character as of right now, and he has Artifice and archeology. I am planning on picking up treasure hunting asap.