Welcome to the New Game General Forum!


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Like the title suggests, I welcome you to the New Game General Forum!

The New Game General Forum purpose:

  • To concentrate the chat regarding new games in a single space so that the pertinent information about the new games can be found easily by ToJ members.
  • To allow an effective measure of interest in a new game to be taken amongst ToJ members.
  • To allow a space with the sole purpose for chats regarding any aspect of a new game.
Reasoning behind the New Game General Forum:

Because of the recent string of poor releases, the chance that volunteers within ToJ are left holding a not-so-alive chapter is higher. This could negatively effect the "want" to create a new chapter in the future.

The new procedure for making a new ToJ chapter goes like this:

  1. X Game is coming out, people get hyped.
  2. Game comes out, people buy it.
  3. People talk about the game in this forum, volunteers who wish to make a chapter for this game use this forum to gauge interest in X Game.
  4. Chapter is either formed or not formed.

Because this forum is dedicated to all new games, please include the name of the game you are referring to before the actual title, such as this: [Battlefield 9042] This looks AWFUL!

Thanks for using The New Game Forum!
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