Weekly Forgiven 25-Man Raid Quest


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For the week of 2/23 (Tues reset), the weekly raid quest is Razorscale Must Die!

I have it up on the in-game calendar for 8:00 Server tonight, however my attendance is tentative. I'm leaving early tomorrow AM for a business trip and a bit busy. If I am not on by that hour, please run without me.

March 2nd Weekly Raid 25Man

For the week of 3/2 (Tues reset), the weekly raid quest is Malygos Must Die!

I have it up on the in-game calendar for 8:00 Server tonight and plan to be on. This run occurs in the Eye of Eternity and running the 25man version is no cakewalk... Please take a moment and research/read up on the fight. I've linked a very thorough fight strategy & walkthrough from www.bosskilers.com:

If for some reason I am not on by that hour, please run without me.
unless the 25 best of the guild are up for it I rather do 10 man but I will be on at 8 unless work doenst allow me

Great run last night in defeating Malygos 25 man. I'm really pleased we were able to run this as a guild. We had many new to the fight, but once peeps picked up the mechanics we improved quickly.

Thanks to all who came and thanks to Alan, Mike, and Dan for your assistance with the run and tactics.
Was to early for me to attend but happy to see you guys get him down, can be a tricky fight for sure, especially if your new to it, so great job :D
Weekly Raid Quest for 3/9:

The Weekly Raid Quest for 3/9 is Razorscale Must Die!

Start time is 8 Server and this will be a 25man run. Sign up via the Guild Event posted in the in-game WoW calendar. Hope to see you there!
Razorscale & Toravon: 3/9

Hello Everyone!

Great job and lot's of fun getting all the TF'ers together and taking down Razorscale in short order. From there we went on to Toravon and got close to beating him. I just wanted to discuss the differences between the two quickly and why we just couldn't get Toravon down.
  • Razorscale is in Ulduar and on 25 man he is an iLvl226 Boss (Tier 8).
  • Toravon is an ICC boss equivalent and on 25 that means iLvl 265 (Tier 10 and quite a step up).
I am not a fan of gearscore, but let's suffice it to say that your "gearscore" on an ICC 25 fight should be in the 4,600 - 4,800 range as a minimum. However, I don't use gearscore 100% to evaluate raid level readiness. For example, our group last night was pulling 75,000 DPS as a raid on Toravon. We had our high DPS (Adam's rogue - shocker) at 7,600DPS or so and 7 DPS over 4K. That was not enough to beat Toravon. I just finished him this AM on my hunter and our overall raid DPS on my 25man PUG was north of 95,000. Top DPS was 8,900. I was a slacker at #7 pulling 6,500DPS and we had 11 toons pulling over 5K DPS. That's a big delta and really what's needed for that lvl boss.

Can we smite Toravon as a guild - most definitely. :D In order to do so we need everyone maximizing their toon to its fullest. Grind heroics, buy Emblems of Frost gear, get yourself outfitted in Tier 9, enchant/gem your gear, and be consuming raid flasks for that lvl raid (Endless Rage, Frostwyrm, Stoneblood, etc.). Eeking out every drop of performance from your toon and we can do this as a guild (which would be tons of fun).

I did notice that Toravon's Frost Orbs were going down in short order - which is awesome. Blizz has stated there will be no more "Tank & Spank" no movement fights. After your toon is all geared up, raid awareness, proper targeting, shot rotation make the difference from wiping to success.

Thanks for coming and see you all next week!!
Weekly Raid Quest for 4/13 :)

Regretfully there will be no Forgiven 25 man weekly raid quest for 4/13.

Lord Marrowgar Must Die is the villain of the week and we're not quite ready (in an open guild run) to beat him on 25 man difficulty. Stay tuned to this channel to see what WoW bad guy needs a big slap of pew pew next week.

You will now be returned to our regular programming.
wow I didnt think they do that to anyone but I guess it blizzard they think that everyone does him anyways so y not add him, takes the fun away
Lord Marrowgar Must Die has been one of the available weekly quests since Blizzard implemented them. We just haven't had it come up yet.
Actually, Lord Marrowgar has been on the rotation since day one. We just haven't had him much.

Edit: Alan and I posted within 2 seconds of each other. So this post does not refer to his.
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Christine and I would be willing to lead our 10-man on a night other than Saturday so we can get this accomplishment, assuming interest.