Warrior Tank


Hello all,

I have a new 80 Warrior (Warrblade), with whom I'd like to start tanking heroics. There is information readily available on gearing/talents, but I'm afraid I still don't really know where to start, otherwise.

I'd hate to waste 4 other people's time by trying to run areas I don't yet have the gear or skill to tank effectively. I don't mind learning from my own mistakes, but I'd like to minimize the pain for everyone else involved. Any suggestions on areas/fights/dungeons more suited to new tanks will be greatly appreciated.

Also, does anyone have a suggestion on a mid-range weapon to work toward that can replace the "Crescent of Brooding Fury" from Zul' Drak I currently carry? It was a recommended starter item, but I fear it won't last long.

Thanks for your time. I (and everyone else around me, most likely) really appreciate it!

If you do the Argent tourney dailies and get Champion Seals you can use them to buy a very nice epic ilvl200 tank axe. You can also find a Blacksmith friend or if you are a Smith, make the epic ilvl200 titanium shield wall. Work on Argent Crusade rep to Revered for the tank head enchant. If you have any other 80's that are exalted w/ Argent crusade you can use them to buy the BoA version.

There's some decent blue faction gear from the various vendors for tanking..work on Hodir rep for the tank shoulder enchants, unless you are an Inscriptionist. As a warrior find an engineer who can make the epic tank gun. Norm HoL drops a nice tank trink and blue tank sword. If you are at 540 def you should be good for low-lvl heroics like nexus, UK, AN...25-28k health should suffice for those heroics.

On a side-note if you are dual-specced for dps, run heroics and use the badges for tank gear.
Wyrmrest accord is a lot of bang for your buck as far as reputation grinds go for tanks. They have 3 tanking pieces that you can get with rep although it looks like from the armory you are already outgearing the rep gear.

As far as what you can tank, just que up for heroic looking for dungeon. It already filters you based on your gear and chances are 2-3 folks in your group out gear the instance anyways. My other paladin just turned 80 two weeks ago and I am gearing up for tanking too.

Utgarde Keep and Utgarde Pinnacle both have ilvl 200 tanking swords. Of course good luck not losing the roll to DPS that roll need on them like what happened to me last week.
I appreciate the advice. I went random heroic the other night and learned pretty quickly that I might stick to some of the older content for a bit, rather than randoms. I have 540+ defense, but couldn't keep agro over some decent dps/heals. Sheild slam, Revenge, Conc. Blow, Shockwave, etc... Died on the 2nd group of 2 trash mobs, hehe.

So... I'm going to run prot in 2s arena with a buddy and spec for dps heroics as suggested while I learn and practice tanking a bit more. Thanks a lot for the tips--much appreciated!