Warnings have been given... Source server


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Alright, just to make the rest of the Counter Strike Source Admins I have warned, kicked and nearly banned the following for their swearing over the Mic and backtalk of the admin.

SuperSMCow -
Goat Head

SuperSMCow an Ocelot were the strongest offenders (I kicked them both. After that they settled down) ICHBINEINBAUM was begging them to chill out as he didn't want to get kicked from his favorite server. I found that interesting.

I didn't ban them because of his plea. THey have been very active on the server.

I wanted to make the rest of you aware so next time you are on and they step out of line, you have my permission to ban, either for 24 hours or forever.
I think a stricter adherence to established guidelines will go a long way to solving some of the problems we have been having. Thanks eskimo.
Praise the Lord for having problems with people however, considering not too long ago the problem was with having no people! :D
lol - River, are you one of those silver lining people?

Ha ha, unfortunately no, just well aware that with people inevitably come problems, but without the people the purpose gets lost. To be fair though, that's probably easier for me to say since I don't play CS. If this was all going on in the GW channel instead I'd probably have a different opinion. The view is always better as a spectator than a participant. :)