warhammer tabletop


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I am a young christian not physically. I began playing the table top game warhammer 40k. I have started looking through the rulebooks and noticed that their are a lot of references to demons and such. I refuse to play an army that has demons or can use them. But is is wrong to play the game at all. I play the necrons now which are a robotic race. But I am at point where I am considering giving up this hobby. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
I, personally, wouldn't have a problem with it. I don't associate it with reality at all and unless it's making me act negatively in the real world, I don't worry about it. With that said, every person is different. If you think it may have a negative impact on you or your walk of faith, it may be best to let it go. Warhammer tabletop gaming can become an expensive hobby. If you really get into it, chances are you'll have some money tied up in it as well that will make it a tougher decision when the time comes to put it down. If you are feeling convicted that this is wrong or isn't a good thing for you to be into, it may be wise to listen to that. My advice is to pray about it and seek the help of other Christians like you are doing now. If you still feel these reservations or don't, go with that feeling.
Just remember......it's a game...a fantasy...nothing more. I play 40k table top (well....was playing it up until the local hobby shop stopped letting us play there, and everyone just sorta disbanded). The really cool thing about 40k is that it's more like chess on some major steroids. You really don't have to go into the back story at all to play the game.

I play biel-tan eldar, and space marines. btw. Well...played. Now i just have a ton of models sitting around. :)