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I'm making a custom campaign map for the Frozen Throne and would like some people to test it out with. It's a 3 player co-op map where you control a hero and fight with your friends through a little dungeon type environment. The environments are very interactive and there are many, many fun scripted boss events.

If anyone wants to test the map with me please lemme know. I normally test by myself or with friends on B.net West. My name's Tebran.

Here are some of the things I've been working on:

-9 unique custom loot tables have been added to the game. Loot gradually becomes more powerful as the players advance through the mission. There are also items that drop that are unique for each class of hero.
-5 heroes are available to choose from (2 custom, 2 traditional, and 1 hybrid), and may add more
-3 classes of heroes (Healer, Tank, Ranged and Melee DPS)
-Scripted boss, environment, and story events
-8 very unique scripted boss events
-7 scripted environment events
-5 cinematic events, with more to be added
-12 unique scripted bosses, with more to be added
-3 small towns have been added for players to use (towns include shops, Taverns where you can revive your hero, mana wells, and easter eggs)

The map is more than 1/2 complete. I plan to add a few more bosses, and 2x the amount of environment events, and will be improving and adding story elements to the existing map.

Here be spoilers. Viewing these spoilers will not necessarily ruin the experience for you, but may take a little of the surprise out of playing the map. If you are curious, then I encourage you to peak; I did not include anything that specifically explains the events in the campaign.

Story and Interaction:
Brann's Travels

The Uncharted Island of Veil'las

Veil'las is a newly discovered island off of Northrend. Three heroes have undertaken a tasking to chart the new lands and report back with their findings.

Upon arrival to the island you are greeted by a resident who has made camp on the shoreline. He gives you some foreshadowing, basically saying that no one [or thing] is to be trusted. Boy, is that an understatement. You thank the man and continue on your journey, occasionally engaging in dialogue as you come across new encounters. You will meet an elf who is looking for her father, and insists that you help her. You'll also encounter orcs that have set up camp deep in the woods and are mining for gold. The more you interact with the map the more things become unlocked for the players, and you are rewarded for exploring new things. Sometimes progression on the map is linear, meaning you have to unlock A to get to B. However, other times progression events are optional. This is to include some boss events. The heroes abilities' are carefully chosen and all of the scripted events are specially designed to either exploit or be susceptible to those abilities. For example, there is one event where if you summon units to help you fight, the boss will take control of those summoned units and use them again you. There is another event where players must stand on illuminated pedestals while fighting a boss. A player can summon wolves and use the wolves to stand on the pedestals, allowing the hero to move around on his own while fighting the boss.

All of the triggers are deliberately designed to cause the players to collaborate with each other before and during each event, and I took great effort to make sure each event was memorable, fun, and challenging to everyone.
I hope you will take the time to test the map out with me, and I look forward to seeing you if you do :)

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Oh wow!! I have been looking for this map for a while now. For some reason this thread was buried and I was never able to find it. Anyway, I loaded up the game and I was surprised to find at how fun it still is lol
I'm trying to find this attachment; any chance it was backed up anywhere? Thank you!
@Bowser Do you remember the name of the file?

I don't see it as an attachment here on the forums (it may not have carried over in the transition from vBulletin to XenForo), but there's a good chance I have a copy of the map somewhere on an old backup drive.
I don't, but it would have been a .w3x extension.
Okay. I'll try to remember to search through my archives this evening after the kids are in bed and post my findings.