WAR News Released by Mythic


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And mostly not good news.

1) Mythic (no longer EA Mythic, btw. Still a subsidiary, but they're changing their name back to just 'Mythic'.) will be partnering with Punkbuster in an attempt to really crack down on the cheaters. Always a good thing.

2) WAR will be releasing with only 2 capital cities. Altdorf (Empire) and The Inevitable City (Chaos) will be the only 2 capitals in at launch. They're doing this so that they can focus on making 2 really great cities rather than 6 'OK' to 'good' ones. I'm kinda bummed about this, and interested to see how they tie the Dwarf/Greenskin and DE/HE RvR tiers into capital city raids with this in mind.

3) WAR will be releasing with only 20 careers rather than 24. The Choppa and Hammerer (Greenskin and Dwarven melee DPS), the Knight of the Blazing Sun (Empire tank) and the Blackguard (DE tank) will not be in the game at release. Mythic didn't feel that these careers were coming together as well as they hoped, and rather than release mediocre careers they have chosen to hold them back until after release.

In my opinion, number 3 is the worst news of these. There are still a bunch of really great careers available, but I'm disappointed to see that some promising careers aren't going to be available right away.

I certainly give Mythic props for being up front about this news, though, rather than waiting until just before launch to say "Surprise!!" They really do seem to be good about getting the news out, regardless of whether it's good or bad news. Much more professional in that regard than most other companies in the industry. As I say, I'm disappointed by most of this, but am still really looking forward to release. It's still going to be a great game.
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Punkbuster? Horrible program. Always buggy and kicks people off when they aren't cheating.

And I wanted to go Hammerer and the KotBS. :( (Atleast try them out. :p WitchHunter and Engineer for me >_>)
Blizzard simply has a larger fan base ready, willing and well practiced at waiting for a game to be released. Warhammer probably does not have this base to rely on, probably because they never versed their base in the art of patience. Sound like instead of picking up Warhammer, I should wait for the polished version anyway.

If they kill the released version to much just to bring it to market, they'll drive more people into the arms of Blizzard instead of drawing them. Bad move on Mythic's part. I think they would've been better to simply push back the release date and release a game that could be a wow killer, but the choos not to.
How is it bad? I agree with Baddwin that its better to do this and release when they wanted to, rather than say "Surprise!" when its released.

I wish that the game was all set and ready to go too, and I am still confident the game will be absurdly fun to play.
To be honest, I really wish that all the cities were in at launch, but I'm okay with it overall. Having just one set of cities will result in a shorter learning curve during the early days. As long as they get the other cities in relatively soon (within 6 months or so) of release, it's okay.

As for the class cuts, meh. It stinks for the folks that were going to roll one of those classes. But there's still 20 other classes to choose from. That's nothing to sneeze at.
I am happy sad...

I knew when they <NDA> something was up.

It takes a lot of guts to admit the game is not complete and then still release it. Props for that for sure.

WoW was broke when it released if I remember correctly. And WoW was not finished either. But they didn't say anything.

1. The one thing that makes me concerned is the cutting classes possibly all together.

2. Possibly losing EA's massive amounts of cash for game development.

I am not happy. But, I think they probably are doing the right thing.
I despise PB...not because of what it does, but yeah...terrible software that leaves my PC feeling very untidy ...it doesn't like installing in a domain which doesn't work for me. Bleh...glad I only ordered 1 copy.
Well that basically seals this games fate IMO. They really should have pushed back the release date and worked hard to have everything in the game. Making a good first impression is what this industry is all about (MMO's especially). People have told me that Age of Conan has potential but was buggy at release. Once people try something and it's broken they rarely pay to go back to find out if it's fixed.

Punkbuster is lame but I guess they don't have the money to build their own hacking defense like Blizzard does?

Without the Hammerer class I doubt I'll even try the game out now.
Well that basically seals this games fate IMO.

No, I really doubt that. It certainly sent WAR fandom reeling for a few days, but the public buzz is still very positive. What was cut was really a rather small amount (although, as I said before, I think the class cuts are the most significant). People who have played the game at recent public events are still saying very positive things, and the buzz, from what I've seen, has picked up again.

As for myself, there's plenty that I can't say, but I don't really see these issues having a huge impact from an enjoyability standpoint. The game is still a ton of fun and offers a PvP experience that you can't find elsewhere (DAoC hangers-on excepted).
I think the game offers many new and innovative things to the MMO genre.

It does not play like any other.

I am very excited to see when they start rolling out mods after release.
Shouldn't that be "Hammmererer"? You need the third 'm' to match the third 'er', otherwise the effect is totally spoiled.

But that's kind of a moot point now, isn't it?