Wanting to sell Super Street Fighter IV (not Arcade Edition) for $10 + shipping


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Since I purchased Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition on disc for the PS3, I don't have much use for my copy of SSFIV.

Anyone want to buy it for $10 plus shipping?

SSFIV is SSFIVAE minus 4 new characters (none of which are all that great, IMO), still leaving a roster of 35 playable characters, and a few new features that I personally could do without.

I bought SSFIVAE because it bothered me that I had an "incomplete" game and I wanted to be playing on the current balance patch. If you're just playing matches with local friends or playing casually, AE doesn't really have much to offer--which is why I waited until the price for the complete game dropped so low.

If you're interested in buying my copy, post a reply or send me a PM.

Still got it, still looking to sell it.

Still looking to sell it.