Vertical sync


Anyone know a tweak to get vertical sync working in the game? I have my Nvidia control panel set to 'Always on' for the OpenGL setting, but I continue to get constant tearing. Thanks for your help.
Try opening the console with the ~ key, and type in vid_restart, or vid restart. Sorry it took me so long
LOL nearly a year

I dunno, tearing.. hmm with vsync always on? make sure if its OpenGL or Direct3D setting.
Eww, why would you want V-Sync on? That's so the nub. And if it's because your hardware's too nub not to have it off, then it's the nub!
I like V-Sync. It makes the video a lot smoother on my eyes. All movements and everything just look more solid. Otherwise, I can see the tearing or things just aren't smooth and flowing. Even when FPS is > 60.
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