Version, Rules etc.


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I am "the EVE Online guy" but have some 4500 hours of CS gaming in my right arm, so joining the ToJ Cs Server sounds like fun.

What version are you running, is it Source or 1.6 or what?
Do you have your own server up and running, and if so: What is the IP/Password? What are the rules of conduct on the server?


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Yes.....after posting I went to TeamSpeak and chatted with some FISH guys, bought v1.6 only to realize they played Source. So I bought source but it would not fit on my hdd etc.

But I have it downloading now and will try some good old fashion FPS, instead of the strategic art of EVE Online gaming :)
Aye, 'tis sad, but the ToJ game servers went offline last June. We've been raising funds for a new server since. So far, we've raised about $700 (see this thread for current and more accurate numbers). If we stick with our current plan, we have to raise another $1300 to purchase a rackmount server. Once we purchase the server, we can (probably) score a deal to get a 10 Mbit pipe for $50 a month.

In the meantime, I'd check out God's Frozen Chosen.