UT Chapter Closing


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After many years it has been decided that we are going to close the UT chapter for now :(. Epic really blew it on UT3. The UT community has thinned out a lot since UT3's release. Most everyone here who used to play UT2004 & UT3 have moved on to other games or life has claimed them.

Our servers will be up till Nov 3 at midnight so if you want to play or get together for some farewell games together post your interest hear.
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CS is sad

I want to thank all who was a member of the ToJ-UT chapter for all their support and fun games in the past.
This is a sad day for me to be posting this. I remember how excited I was when I actually found a Christian clan to play UT with.
I love this little ToJ-UT clan. take care and God bless. , Cold Steel
ps.Who knows one day it might be up and running again. :)

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Gerbil is sad too T_T Howls... urr Sqweaks at moon. I never seem to be around when you guys are though. I had fun with you back in the day though...
All alone in the moonlight
I can smile at the old days
I was beautiful then
I remember the time I knew what happiness was
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I will Pray that the expansion and or Game picks up, it seems to sell a lot but no one is playing online :(, Its been a pleasure being the Target for each of you my Brothers, Cya all on the Battlefield :)


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The chapter may be closing, but I do plan on making a return to gaming once my degree is complete (in May).

This is truly a sad day. Many thanks to all the people that made this chapter what it was and gave me the friendship and camaraderie I needed to make it through many otherwise difficult years of life. Shagz, Tek, Rizz, Cold Steel, Killerah, James, Missionary, Tea, Blackbeard, Gerbil, and all the rest of you. It has been an enormous pleasure talking, praying, socializing, and fragging with you. Here's hoping life allows us to play together again soon.


Thanks Kraniac, Like Many have said UT 3 was not THE HAMMER but I will still be playing and when the Next iteration is released, be it full version or Booster pack/Add on you can count on me joing in on the Fraggin :)


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I'm really sorry to hear this, definitely a sad day. Just wanted to drop in and say thanks to all the community members, past and present, who made playing UT and my experience with ToJ so much fun. It was a great run with a great game. Hopefully the series will evolve and come back with something new in the future!

Thanks again guys, and I'll see you in other games I'm sure!


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wow.... i totally just got the game the 2nd of nov...


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I still play too! While UT3 is a disappointment in some ways, it's my favorite current gen shooter on the PC. I went through a phase of about a month and a half of working extra, etc so I couldn't join the server much.


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Bummer, I have to say UT2004 was my favorite online gaming experience of all time. I've got fond memories of schooling that pseudo satanist team with Kraniac and hanging out on the good old servers. I hopped on a little while ago and all the good UTcomp servers that I used to play on seem to be gone now, it's like nobody plays the game anymore. So sad.

I may end up getting UT3 in a few months here (once I get myself a new PC), and if the expansion turns out to be like UT2k4 was to 2k3 I might end up getting back into it a little.