Upgrading Your Character Checklist


I've decided to put together a small checklist as to what I've done to help get my characters on track to compete with the much more heavily geared players. This is by no means a quick way to become uber but it helps to share information. There are so many little things that can be done that when added up, makes a difference. Also knowing what other players are doing can help gauge where you are at in the game.

Note: I've only hit RR 48 so I don't consider myself an expert but I do my research and look up players on warDB frequently.

Once you hit 40:
  • Get RR 35 and into full Annihilator gear right away. These days, it's pretty easy to gear up in Annihilator. When a guild claims a keep and the zone locks due to domination, a free transferrable gold bag is sent to the guild leader. This can be shoulders, helmet or chestpiece. You will be very squishy but the armor bonuses are important.
  • If you have a 200 talisman maker or know someone, make a critical hit talisman for your shoulder piece. Yes, you can now make crit hit talismans! The easiest way to find armor to break down is on the auction house warlord glove variety.
  • Go to the Land of the Dead and buy a few jewelry pieces. Most of my characters have 2. The most important jewelry piece has a 2 piece bonus with a cape that gives a great boost to your characters damage or healing.
  • Get 12 ankhs from the Land of the Dead and buy the LotD cape that completes your stat bonus. The destro airship PQ is typically the easiest way to get an ankh but you can also run tomb lairs there for ankhs.
  • Once you have the 5 annihilators, work on getting Sentinel lair gear if possible or work your way up to RR 45 to wear full Conqueror gear.
  • Once you are in 4 to 5 Conq or Sentinel, run Lost Vale lair for Dark Promise gear for great bonuses or work your way up to RR 55 to wear Invader gear.
  • Great weps can be obtained a variety of ways: Minimally, start with the weapons obtained from the epic quests. Win lots of scenarios and buy weapons from merchants located outside of the guild tavern. Land of the Dead purple bags, Lost Vale and other lair boss drops, Land of the Dead Sandstorm drops from PvE mobs.
  • Also, somewhere along the way, collect 60 gold scarabs in the Land of the Dead to create a speed talisman that procs a speed boost on your character that is amazing for kiting.
  • Always keep a decent supply of hybrid potions on hand. Like 40 potions at a time. Hybrid potions give you heal boosts, melee crit damage, spell damage boost and etc.
  • Get to RR 65-70 so you can wear Warlord gear. Also, running Tomb of Vulture Lord lairs for Tyrant gear and glyphs is an option.
  • RR80 for Sovereign gear.
  • In terms of gear selection, you want to have your primary stat as close as possible to the soft cap at 1050 without sacrificing too much for survivability. If you are very squishy, my recommendation is that it's better to run 800-900 for the main stat with a big boost in wounds/toughness.
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