Update on rare patterns/enchants?


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A lot of our profession info is out of date, I was curious if we could start maybe a new list, however instead of listing everything how about just a list of the truly rare patterns/enchants etc. (There is a lot of recipes that are common and a number of people have them). So like the patterns/enchants that maybe one or two people in the guild have at most, i know some have patterns that drop in Ulduar or TOC (10 or 25) that most haven't seen, that type of rare is what I’m thinking

Just an idea :)


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I bought from the AH the plans for the Titanium Razorplate. It's an ilvl245 plate DPS chest piece. Mats include 10 Titansteel and 8 crusader orbs and 4 deadly saronite dirks (a crafted dagger)


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I am trying to integrate a feature into the updated website allowing us to see who can make what. Proving harder than I originally thought...


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we have a post in here randy did last year about who can make what see if it still around that might work well enough