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To encourage more participation in the guild, Mirakle and I were throwing around the idea of doing an in-game roleplaying outreach. Honestly we aren't exactly sure what that would look like, but we have some ideas. Please reply with ideas for this event and also what days and times work best.

Idea #1:
We all sit in circle (pow-wow style) somewhere in Sanctum and chat about our faith, but doing it in an RP way.

Any night 9:30p EST or after works for me.
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I haven't forgotten about this. We will have something down on the calendar shortly. Please watch for the "message of the day" in-game.

Also, as always we encourage people to step forward with thoughts and suggestions. We are very excited about the new folks in the guild and want to get to know all of you better.


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I know of a good spot for some guild events if it requires a pretty quiet and confined area. It's a bit difficult to get to, but thats why we have guild banners and scrolls.

It could be cool to utilize the mailbox system the day of and send out scrolls to all who are signed up to come or whatnot.

I saw back in history of a twink night - That could be pretty fun idea. The place I was thinking of would work well for that.


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One major part of this would be doing it in public so that it would also minister to others I think.... BUT I would be interested to see where this place your talking about is.