Upcoming Changes in 1.2


Saw this in mmorpg.org's blog of the Guild Summit

What's coming in 1.2

Family tree is automatically updated with characters and how they fit into your legacy
Reach level 50 with a species to unlock that species for all future Legacy characters
Reach level 50 with a human, gain presence increase for all existing and new Legacy chars
Legacy Global Unocks: Complete chapter 2, unlock unique class emote, unlock current class's buff for all other Legacy characters
Complete chapter 3: Unlock current class's "Heroic Ability" for all other Legacy characters. EX: Finish Chapt 3 with a Sith Warrior, unlock Heroic Ability: Force Choke. Can use Force Choke on all Legacy chars during heroic moments.
Complete all missions for a companion "type" unlocks shorter cooldown and longer duration for heroic moment for the first companion of each "type" (ranges, etc), unlock a small stat boost for first companion of each type and a Presence buff for each companion completed.
Global Unlocks: Alignment Abilities: Reach level 50 and gain Dark V, Lioght V or neutral alignment unlocks active abilities for all Legacy chars (jab, uppercut, etc.)
Social Rank unlocks: Dance with companion, new emotes (RP emotes)
Purchaseable Legacy Rewards: Most rewards can be unlocked OR purchased. They are expensive and retroactive.
Cooldown reductions: Emergency fleet pass, quick travel, JETPACKS (short duration sprint, not free flight)
Sprint moved to level 1
Items for ships including training dummies, operations/warzone dummies (ops dummy takes damage like a boss, wz dummies take damagej like a player)
Ship Repair droid: repair or buy items, sells upgrades for ship droids that improve specifiic crafting abilities
Ship board mailbox!
Ship board auction house (way up the legacy to keep fleets active)
Bound to Legacy: Full mailing options, can trade within Legacy if not other players
Legacy Appearances