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Download the video, trust me. You'll want to see this. The Unreal3 engine will without a doubt blow away any competition. Doom3? Source? Child's play.


The stunning eye candy in the video beats everything, but that isn't what got me excited. Listen to the commentary, hear how they did it. The technology behind the scenes is just... amazing. 2006 isn't coming fast enough. Forget Doom3, forget Half-life 2, forget it all. Unreal lives up to it's name.
is this the one with the dynamic lighting and the characters that have 10,000 polygons....

if so its very coolllllll

Mind you, we have to have HL2 before HL3...... each version fills the space in time waiting for something else...



Wasn't that impressed. When id stops making the same old pathetic monsters and psuedo-gothic enviroments over and over, I'll be more interested.
? I think MaxX and sealcomm are both confused.

UNREAL3. Not half-life junk, not ID garbage. And this was just a demo of what it can do, not a demo of a game. If you think the 200 million polygon gothic environment sucks, you are in the wrong hobby :p
No it doesn't bother me, I just don't think you are seeing the misunderstanding. The thread isn't about ID, nor anything they do. Unreal is done by Epic games. You replied with a post directed towards ID and it just looked like you thought the unreal3 demo was for ID and it isn't.
lol, I think max is either still confused or just can't seem to get his point across... but yeah, I LOVE UT2004, it's the best online FPS ever. I can't wait for UT2kwhateverusestheunreal3engine it's gonna be awesome.:D
Nope, ID does quake and doom. Epic is Unreal, if you haven't checked out UT2004, I suggest you download the demo. There are a few "psuedo-gothic" environments in the game, but no pentagrams like quake 3.