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Doesnt anyone play these 2 games anymore? I know Toj. Missionary and I play. Im sure there must be more..Anyways. I was thinking if there was a way to dedicate some space for these 2 great games. If you get a chance and have the game..take a look at how many servers are online for these 2 old games.

Many, many peeps still playing. I have met many christians in the servers.
I am thinking if you could include these to games under this chapter you could be able to attract more persons to this site and great clan.

Especially now with the re-realease of Unreal Gold and UT99 There will be a new generetion of players. Think about it. GBU!

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I own a copy of Unreal Tournament, but I don't have it installed right now. I'll try to remember to install it some time this week. :)

Do you all have a list of favorite servers for Unreal 1 and UT?


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I can sure post Unreal 1 sites and servers. For UT99 Missionary would be ur man.

Unreal 1 DeathMatch Maps


Unreal Utilities

Maps Galore

There are many servers both fot DM and Co-Op. A lot of the serverse encourage and demand respect for others and have some pretty good rules.

Here is a list of some of the best Unreal 1 Websites

SickPuppys Doghouse Home of the -(DOG)- clan (my former clan)

Unreal Friend For Ever (uf4e) Some of the best and classy players around. Good friends with DOG clan


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I mostly do Unreal1 DM, MonsterMash and Co-Op but I ocationally do UT99. Just waiting on MIssionary to give us some info on what his fav and best servers are. Then we might be able to do some fraggin together.


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Im sure there must be more..Anyways. I was thinking if there was a way to dedicate some space for these 2 great games.
I am thinking if you could include these to games under this chapter you could be able to attract more persons to this site and great clan.

For the record, U1 and UT99 (and pretty much anything Unreal and UT related) is under the Unreal Tournament Chapter banner, so this space is a place to U1 players as much as it is for UT2007 players, so no worries there! Every Unreal player is welcome; there's just not many of you! :S

Unfortunately, while I have U1 and UT99, I don't have the space on my HD to install them and join in. I'm working on trying to create more space, backing files up, but right now I don't have the space.

JMorhy, you're more than welcome to encourage the other Unreal and UT99 players (christian or otherwise) you meet to check us out here, and if there's anything you think we can do, or anything you'd like to do, to promote the older games, let me know and we'll look into accomdating you.

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My favorite server in unreal 1 is LW's den & KAN's. And its Coop-game, its hard but not hardcore :) i like when its hard or hardcore gameing :D

My favorite UT coop server is 3's MonsterHunt. And its also coop-game :cool: :rolleyes:


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email I sent to several borthers in Christ who play Unreal1.......

Hello Friends,

I would like to share the following info of a Christian multi-game Clan (Tribe of Judah) to which I was accepted a while back. I learned of this clan thru [Toj.cc] MIssionary from sweden who contacted me thru the UB forum. I was accepted into the clan but didnt really kept up with their activities or sported the tag. I have recently reading thru their forum http://www.cgalliance.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=8. They are a great bunch. Didnt think there be so many Christian Gamers. They are divided into chapters. I have been posting in their Unreal Tournament board but there are only 2 Unreal1 players. I been trying to spark some interest in the old game and some of the members have expressed their interest in this old game. This is what I posted http://www.cgalliance.org/forums/showthread.php?t=17582.

For a while I been thinking of inviting all of our Christian Unreal1 friends to join this christian clan. I have never directly made an invitation because I know there is a strong loyalty to our clans but I think how awesome we all could proudly sport the [ Toj.cc] tag and when people ask us what it means, we proudly tell them its "Tribe of Judah Christian Clan. I have pictured [Toj.cc]LittleDaisySunshine, [Toj.cc]Kick, [Toj.cc]Vixen, [Toj.cc]Smoke,
[Toj.cc] Michaman...It would be so awesome.

Please consider this an invitiation but do not say NO right away. Think of the good things that could happen playing as part of a Christian group and the fellowship with Christian gamers. Also the opportunities of sharing and testimony just with the tag alone :)
Read thru the the website and forums, pray about it. I will be praying for this hoping u consider it. Warm hugs from ur taco buddy and brother. GBU!


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Thanks jmorhy, great letter!

For the record, we have had a few multi-clan ToJ members (Landslide belongs to both ToJ and Lords of Brooklyn, for example) and we've participated in a multi-clan/clan conglomerate UT2004 Jailbreak competitive team earlier this summer, so being part of other clans while being part of ToJ is not an issue, at least not for us.

We *do* prefer that the toj tag be used, as that helps everybody find each other and identifies/advertises the clan to the rest of the Unreal community, but even if it's used only part time, then that's ok. (Some players put one clan's tag at the beginning of there name and ToJ's tag at the end to represent both)

Let's see if we have some new people sign up. :)


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@Blkstones: Morhy's a UT99 guy, so that's what he's referring to. For UT 04, check out our server (server details), kindly provided by Landslide, for some DM action. I don't get of there as often as I like, but Coldsteel, Missionary, Blackbeard and others are on there often.

@Morhy: sorry man, I'm still hampered by the hard drive problem. :/


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Some Good Games ColdSteel. If anyone else wants to join us, you can find us here: Unreal Tournament Server
UT- Public DM (Uneal-1 mode)