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Krissa Lox

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I know there's still a lot going on in the political realm these days, but I don't desire to make any personal commentary on it other than things which directly attack or misrepresent Christ (which was mostly originating in the Q-anon stuff as far as I saw, not a serious part of any broad political coalition as a whole), or concerns of violence or other types of security breaches that seem prudent to warn about.

However, I still find myself frequently exasperated in online discussions elsewhere at the amount of people of all political affiliations who just mindlessly, yet intensely, parrot off completely unsubstantiated stuff they heard elsewhere without bothering to check the veracity or full context before trying to use it as ammunition against others.

So, in case any others are dealing with similar exasperations, I thought I'd post some links to various public records places in case they might be helpful. I'm sure it's not an exhaustive list of available resources, but it's a pretty big pool to draw from for people who are genuinely interested in having meaningful discussions about national interests versus just wanting to participate in some kind of digital equivalent of a bar-room brawl.

For stuff not covered or easily found through those links, there's also:

Search form encompassing all government sites:

Directory of all government agencies:

Freedom of Information Act request page:

Contact info for elected officials:

Thanks for posting these links. I tend to avoid the many fringe sites that are out there and try to rely on news sources I trust. I subscribe digitally to my local newspaper which is owned by a conservative family. I also tend to trust the Washington Examiner. I stay away from the right-wing and left-wing sites that push various conspiracy theories.