Uncharted: Drake's Fortune


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Just wanted to know if any of the PS3 owners had played it. I just played through my first go-round after the game sat unopened on my desk for over a month. And just....Wow. I'm on my treasure hunting/medals/rewards goof off go-round and it's still a blast.

The platforming is fun, and makes sense, not too over the top as far as "no way could he SERIOUSLY do that" and isn't as punishing for not jumping at the exact....right....moment... and the firefights can get INTENSE.

The biggest gripe I would imagine someone having (it kept me from getting lost, sometimes I need a leash) is how linear it is. It keeps the story going, and it plays out better than any adventure movie I've seen lately. It EASILY would have worked as an Indiana Jones story.

I'm not gonna go on and on about Nathan Drake as an "everyman who every MAN can relate to as a main character" because that has been beat to death by just about every video game magazine out there. However, he is a great character and the supporting cast works well too. The voice work was top notch IMO but a little more of a score would have been good too.

Apart from being gorgeous as can be (I'm trying to find a hi-res image of a particular vista so when I find it I'll throw it in here) it's a great fun time.

Bottom line: If you own a PS3, and haven't played this game, at least give it a rent (you can download the demo on PSN as well) ESPECIALLY if you own an HDTV.


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