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College to be specific..2nd year. Some days I just feel great, good grade here and there, no homework, the world is colorful


other days...

Garbage grade, HOMEWORK out the you know, the world is dark and rainy(literally)..i'm feeling hopeless and under the gun with a test in a class that im lost in

a parent of mine went back to school late and told me to always trust god and pray and they graduated

I just dunno how to just KNOW that God cares about school. I know he does, ever since I started praying and seeking him my averages after the semesters have been top notch. but how can God make up for my downfalls, and my laziness and incompetence sometimes? lol college is definitely a roller coaster..going do homework now. /vent
Hang in there! College/university homework can be very demanding but just stick with it and you'll graduate. I don't claim to be a model student at all (in fact I rarely read any of the materials... I studied english though so I got by on study guides for the books I was assigned)... but I persisted and graduated and now I can pursue whatever it is I want in life. Make sure you're studying for stuff that you're interested in though.. it does make a difference. Even if I barely read my materials I was still vaguely interested in the classes I was taking (with the exception of perhaps a couple classes).

Continue to rely on Him for strength :)
Thanks! I actually am interested in what I am studying. Some of my professors dont assign homework so ill end up getting lazy in the class and not really feeling reality until a couple days before the test. I' will rely on Him for strength im sure ill be fine just have to grow up and correct my bad habits
Ya it's okay... we all have our flaws :) You can think of life as being the sandpaper that smooths us out over time.
Two things I would add...

First - I can remember sitting in a library desk area - books everywhere - tapping on my computer wondering if it would ever end. Then I had to laugh at myself because I was doing exactly what I wanted to be doing and what God called me to do. Hang in there.

Second - God cares more about you than he does your college. If college teaches you to face challenges, discover new areas of knowledge, endeavor to discipline yourself, achieve things you never thought you could achieve, prove that your faith can see you through - then God is happy for you and will bless your college experience. And God can do that in private, state or Christian colleges...I know - I did all three.
While I don't want to promote missing class "for tEh lulz", I can vouch that taking a day to do absolutely nothing is one of the most helpful things I've discovered in college. Be it a day when you know what is coming up in a lecture, and you haven't missed any and just want to take a it. Go grab a bite to eat, go watch a movie if you want, or just lay in bed all day. Don't think about much of anything if you can help it, just relax. Trust me, it reaaaaaally helps, namely to just clear your mind.
Sounds like a mild case of "Senior Burnout". God really does care about your studies and will make up for your shortcomings just trust Him. After 2 Associates in different fields of study, another associate earned, but not granted, a bachelors, and two semesters at a Christian college I have been through all of the phases multiple times. Just take some classes of interest for fun while you are at it, and remember that God really does care about you. Like Abba I have been to private, christian, and public colleges, the basics are all the same, keep focused on God. Even if you bomb out a class, keep praying, don't give up. And yes one degree was within the last 6 years, so it wasn't all in an easier time.