Troubleshooter Mission 1 Results


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The situation involving a malfunctioning BOT housed within R&D has been resolved by an intrepid Troubleshooter team from our TSK sector unit. As it turned out, the BOT had suffered a sensor malfunction which prevented it from verifying the security clearance of its maintenence technicians. To make matters worse, an open can of Bouncy Bubble Beverage had previously been left inside the BOT by a careless technician. As the beverage began to decay, it caused an increasing amount of heat and pressure to build up inside the BOT. But because of the sensor malfunction, the BOT would not accept an "open inner storage compartment" command, because it could not verify the security clearance of those giving it commands.

Happily, the Troubleshooter team was able to remove the beverage from the robot, and so this potentially explosive situation has been resolved. Further details about the mission and the deaths of these Troubleshooters are not available to citizens below security clearance BLUE.

Stay alert, Troubleshooters! Keep your lasers handy! The next mission alert will follow shorty. The Computer's Tip of the Day: Are you craving an alternative to Cold Fun to finish off your nutritious meal of vat gruel? Try Hot Fun, for delicious variety.

Have a nice day-cycle, citizens.

High Programmer Dorkelf