Tribe of Judah Xbox Live Directory

XBL name is DannyMeister. You'll most likely tempt me if you invite me to a Gears 3 game.
Mr Pheonix28

Umm I haven't been playing much lately, but sometimes You'll see me on CoD MW3 or ME3 or random arcade games. I've got other games, just let me know. :)
Gamertage: L3G1T BR 23 and Fleshwound F08x. I mostly into Halo have all of em but only play team snipers on reach bc that's all I'm good with on that one. But have all the CoD's (if I can figure out what my nephew did with my B ops 1 but have mostly played B ops 2 lately but want to get into playing the first b ops since I think its the best one since CoD4. I play minecraft both Xbox and pc version actually working on a server world for the Xbox version.
Just thought I would post this as I am trying to get more christian friends to play with xbl. Gamertag is Razzle0925. Play BO2, Halo, Madden, NHL, ME3, Assassins Creed (all of them). I also put my clan tag in BO2 as TofJ. Wasn't sure if any friends gained would want to do that just to see other people that are on or whatever. Hope to see some of you all on soon and get you know more people who are passionate about gaming and Jesus!
Gamertag: Natetendo83

I mostly play FIFA games these days. If you enjoy that sort of thing and want to play FIFA Pro Clubs online just send me a message :)
Hello, I'm new here. Um, I mostly lay Halo (primarily 4 these days). Is Halo 4 or any Halo on the list of what you guys play or not. I seriously don't know how things work here. Anyway send me a friend request if you want to play together. So long as you use clean language and are kind we should get along fine! BTW, my GamerCard is:
Hi there. New member from Scotland. X-box gamer tag is Rab70711. Am mostly into playing FIFA live, and hopefully the new World Cup edition, if anyone is getting it soon, and fancies a game.