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Status Page For All Components Of The ToJ MC Server. [Projects, Plugins, Worlds, Datapacks, etc]


Main Server - Online

Whitelist - Disabled

Version - 1.14.4


Main Survival Worlds - Open

SkyBlock Worlds - Open

TribeUHC - Closed(Coming Soon)

Guest Survival World - Open

Creative Plots World - Closed


BentoBox* - Active

BSkyBlock(BentoBox) - Active

Citizens* - Active

CustomOreGen(BSkyBlock) - Active

CoreProtect* - Active

EliteMobs - Active

EssentialsX - Active

GChestShop* - Inactive

IslandFly(BSkyBlock) - Active

mcMMO - Active

ModernLWC(Protection) - Active

MutliverseCore - Active

PermissionsEx* - Active

PerWorldInventory** - Active

PlayerParticles - Active

SkyGrid(BSkyBlock) - Idle

WorldEdit & WorldGuard* - Active

ViaVersion** - Active

xInventories** - Inactive

*Admin Plugins, don't worry about it if you're not staff.
*ViaVersion allows users of different client versions to join. The server is running 1.14.4 but users in 1.13, 1.15 and 1.16+ should be able to join.
*Inventory Management Plugins. If you have inventory issues contact staff.

[Last Updated: 11/24/2020 - 6:27am EST]


Tribe of Judah Minecraft Server Operator
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Dynamic Changelog - Last Updated 7/7/2020 - 11:22pm EST

>>Server Has Been Updated. Changelog:
-Restricted Rank Changed To "Guest"
-Restricted Portal Now "Guest Portal"
-Guest Portal Now Open To Members
-EliteMobs Enabled(Under World Restrictions For Testing)
-Fixed Random Crashing Caused By BannerBoard
-Fixed Essentials Sending Random Errors
-Fixed A Permission Issue With Admins And Members
-Performance Improvements
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