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Heres the ladder I created for TOJ. Add your name by selecting "Manage Characters" and adding your profile link

eg. -

And press submit.

I didn't want to add anyone that didn't want to be on it for whatever their reason be, so I leave it to everyone to add themselves.

Note it displays based on 1v1 ladder, since I don't play 1v1 ladder that much I'm not very high. So the purpose of this is to challenge everyone to ladder and offers a way of keeping track of your progress.
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I added myself but I don't show on the rankings. Maybe it is because of a divide by zero error as it tries to calculate the win percentage for my 0-0 1v1 record :D

Elader Arkon

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I'm pretty sure I'll be rock bottom for a while unless I suddenly decide it is in my best interest to take the game seriously and put forth the effort to actually improve. :p


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Been playing a ton of 2v2 random. I need to get back into the 1v1


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To be honest with you, I'm kind of amazed we know so much about the top players. And we know a lot of players.


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Kinda shocked im still up there, I havn't done ladder 1v1 in so many months it seems, and rofl. I'm almost a 2,000 4v4 random player! lol.


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I got my 1v1 rank the other day, and have added myself several times. Still not showing up :(