To anyone who still wants to play L4D2


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Tek asked me to post and let people know that I and some friends of mine still play L4D2 every friday, though I only play every other. Our games usually fill up fast with regulars and sometimes we have a few too many. I'm extending an invitation to anyone who would like to be messaged on friday nights that would like to play. You can just post a reply with your name or if I need to add you your contact info.

We play just for fun, almost always the stock campaigns on realism vs. With the steam workshop that might be changing, who knows. Generally we start about 9:30pm and have been known to go till 3:00am cst. We don't have a server and just play on official servers.

Feel free to message me with any questions.


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Great now the forums are going to go to ruin. Who let this lunatic in here... oh wait I did :p .

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