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Chat Dar:
Purpose: Being alerted to enemy (Asmo) presence in your area.
What to do: Make a system tab and drag it off the main chat box. Along with system alerts, add enemy actions like - skill use, buffs, etc and color them red. Make the box as small as you can.
Now when an Asmo uses a skill nearby, you will know.

Region chat:
Region chat is useful to keep an eye on. While some post in LFG, the majority of asmo location reports and rifts should be here. I usually add this to my group tab and color it red. It's fine as it's not suspect to the spam that LFG gets.

Coin Quests:
Give your really nice gear now; very much worth doing. Even on the flip side you can sell them to buy some gear you want. Most sell for about 10K per, silver at selling at 20k per right now.

Ventrilo Optimization
From Zandaris -
This was posted back in my WoW guild forums so I can't take credit for this but it works nicely.

Every guild's Ventrilo has the one person who talks way too loud (usually a young and/or drunk person) and the one person who talks way too quietly (usually the raid leader, main healer, main tank, or someone else totally vital to the raid.) But luckily for us, Thrux of Darkspear has come up with a handy guide to normalize everyone's voice on Vent:

* Go to Setup
* Enable Direct Sound
* Select the SFX Button
* Select Compressor and click Add.
* Under Compressor Properties use the following settings:
Gain = Adjust for how loud you want people to be. (I use 15)
Attack = 0.01
Release = Around 500
Threshold = Around -30
Ratio = 100
Pre delay = 4.0
* Done!

Save money!
I've seen the time card option before but didn't see much return for using it. But now I found 2 places that are selling the 60-day time card for about $21! That's $10 per month or every 3rd month free!! Names are hyper-linked.

Amazon for $21

GoGamer for $20
(sometimes out of stock)

But either way this is the sub route I'm going for now on. With no job or just good stewardship, $3-$5 a month savings is worth it. I would encourage others to consider as well.

More will be added as I think of it.
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Good stuff, Nathan, although the Ventrilo Optimization info doesn't seem to work for me. I still have to go in and individually adjust almost everyone's volume.

Edit by UXZero:
I've found that if you have one person adjusted, it messes up the rest. I removed all personal adjustments, and played with the gain and attack settings to get the best overall result.
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Daily Quests and Why They Are Important

Original Thread link

Daily Quest guide by Zandaris:

Daily quests have been around for quite some time and until a recent discovery I only did them on occasions but then I made a discovery that totally changed my mind.

First off you should know what daily quests are, where you get them and what the rewards you can get. I'm not going to bother writing all that information since there is already a nice page that explains that already. Daily Quests

I do want to point out a few quick things about the quests. First off there are 2 organizations and you can only be in one. Second Radiant Ops are pvp quests and with no one rifting they are pretty much broke so that leaves Alabaster Order.

If you look at Alabaster Order you will see the items are only rental items which the reason I didn't care to do them that much. However, if you look at Radiant Ops, you see this nice piece of loot.


But wait.. Doesn't this require radiant tokens? Yes it does. 50 to be exact. And... Don't radiant tokens come from Radiant Op quests. Yes they do. You just said Radiant Op quests are broke. Yes I did.

This brings me to this. Black Cloud Numismatics A nice little quest where you exchange those progress tokens for radiant tokens. You will need 350 progress tokens to get the wings but at level 40 you start getting 2 a day.

I also recommend if you are doing this on your alts that you put all the items you need for the daily quests in your shared warehouse storage. This will allow access from all your characters and make doing the daily quests on your characters very fast. I can usually get all my characters done with in 15 minutes.

Now you have no reason not to do those daily quests so get out there and do them and get those wings!!

Kromede's Trial - Lessons Learned

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Original Post by Zandaris -

Kromede's Trial is the second of the single instanced dungeons that were added in 2.0. You can start it at 38 and go till 44. At 45 you can no longer run the dungeon.

There is already a nice write up on this dungeon so there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Here is a link for you reading pleasure.'s+Trial

I have ran Kromede's Trial on 3 characters so far and I have a few observations.

1. Go for the armor! I ran both Zandaris and Valdimere for the key. Zan ran 20 times and did not get the key at all. Valdimere ran 17 times before finally getting the key. In that same time, Sidonia got a full set of blue armor and sold skins for about 5 million in profit. That's enough to buy a 35 gold weapon. She is now nearly at 10 mil and Vald whom I just recently started doing skins on is only at 3 mil.

2. Skip what you can. The whole first section down to Rotan can be skipped. Just run through the mobs and fly down the hill. After you knock down the wall with Rotan you can skip most of the next section by flying past the spiders.

3. Once you get Rotan use him at the beginning of every fight. He does pretty good damage and he has a snare effect which slows mobs down. This is great for casters.

4. Save your blinds, stuns and silences etc for Divine Hisen when you meet him. He has an area effect move that does significant damage but even worse has a very nasty DOT too. You will want to shut him down when he tries to cast it. Jeeves is very similar. He has a sleep that he will use followed by a fire blast that will do significant damage.

5. Do not kill key mobs till you are ready to go through the gates and once you do kill them get the key open the gate immediately. If you die with the key on you and leave the instance you will lose the key. If you kill the key holing mob, don't loot the key, die and come back they will be gone. In both cases you will have no way to progress through the rest of the dungeon.

6. Explosive beads are you friend. It does 2000 damage and stuns the enemy. This is great when you pull 2 or 3 and need some help getting them down quick. It is also on a pretty short cool down.

7. Last but not least one of the repeatable quests for this gives you 1 silver coin and a silver coin box where you get 1 - 3 more coins.

If you have any tips of your own, please feel free to add them.

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