I downloaded the demo last week...haven't gotten around to trying it but when I do I will post...
It seems fun from the demo, like a futuristic FPS version of the new Prince of Persia games, but everything I have seen and heard says "Don't spend $60 on this."
I played this game demo on the 360 and it was a different type of gameplay with the stopping of time or the slowing down of time. While you engaged the enemy you can run up and take their weapons and use their own weapons on them. The rain would slow down too and as you run through the rain it would slosh around you as you moved through it. You had to slow down time and run up obstacles in slow motion so you could move from one level to another and in real time that obstacle would not let you make it up high enought to get to the next level. There was electrical storms that you had to run through in stopped time in order to get through to the next street. I enjoyed playing it and I'm just waiting for a price drop to add it to my collection. game on, CS
Well, I'm not spending $60 on a game that doesn't get a majority of incredible reviews, since it comes down to me being able to actually buy a game about once every few months. I don't allot myself much money for games so when I spend it it better be worth it.