Tier 3 Guild Bounty - Friday, Mar 8, 9PM EST


Legacy of Elijah Guild Leader
First, FANTASTIC JOB to those who completed the Tier 2 bounty yesterday! 3 bosses, zero scouting, all owned.

That puts us up to 35 guild merits!, enough to unlock Guild Trek on schedule. Guild Treks should be unlocked and available for an event on March 15, in addition to a guild bounty.

Scouting begins Friday at 9. Bounty begins as soon as we find the bosses and are organized into teams! Anyone not on TS or in a team by then will be left behind. I'm shooting for 9:15. I knew last week would take a bit to get set up, but an hour is way too long, and not respectful of people's time. My apologies to those who had to wait last week, should've been better organized.

Tier 3 boss bounty.

Guide Here: http://www.cgalliance.org/forums/showthread.php?47307-Guild-Bounty-Guide-and-tips-for-low-levels
Boss locations Here: http://www.cgalliance.org/forums/showthread.php?47308-Guild-Boss-Bounty-locations-by-level

We'll start scouting at 9. Also start getting into teams. Recommend adding 1 at a time to a team...A1, A2, B1, B2, etc. then cycling back. Lets try to put folks that aren't 80 or don't have many maps into the A teams so it's easier to direct them to a bounty. We will likely not be waiting on people to run to zones, due to the scope of this event.

What if I'm low level/don't have zones?

Get them - look at locations linked above. You have all week. A level 50 toon can easily access all of 9 zones, giving you only a 5004/5005 chance of being able to access a boss. Don't need to 100% zones, just run around it a bit.


Once we successfully take down the mission, if anyone still needs guild commendations for the week we'll re-run the event to help them get it, focusing ONLY on getting them a kill and not worrying about completion, since we'll already be at max merits.

After that, how about a dungeonfest?
Looking forward to it. Ran around a couple zones unlocking waypoints today. Hopefully I can get most of the zones unlocked by then.
I never realized how much xp you can get just opening waypoints. For the past few days I've been getting my daily done then zipping around the bounty zones just making sure to get all WP, and I've gone from 75 to 79. Just have Frostgorge and Southsun left to do, and it just might bring me in to 80 before tomorrow night. :D
Just a quick note since I can't edit the above, Trek will be available on March 25. There's an extra 10 days of building in there I hadn't seen - for a total of 24 days building Trek...wow.

Guild Rush can be available as early as April 1.
Can someone give a brief overview of what the different types of events are, and what we might have to do for them? I understand the bounties already - find and kill 1/2/3 mobs in 15 minutes. But what are the treks, rushes, and puzzles?