Tier 11 and 12 Drakes/Cheeves???


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"I Can't Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am!"--Now who doesn't want an achievement with that name? We are in the most awesome guild ever, so its only appropriate we get that achievement!

I've spoken with a few people in passing, and there seems to be a bit of interest for re-running "older" Cata content to see about getting the achievements and heroic versions of the bosses down. The rewards for this wouldn't be gear, but would be drakes. Most of the fights can be explained pretty easily.

Because David and I are on the east coast we can't really do this during the week, so we're looking at a Saturday afternoon/evening or Sunday afternoon timeslot starting the first weekend in March. This gives us a couple of weeks to get the word out that this is happening and to see what timeslot works best for you all.

Please send "Deydri" an email in game with what time(s) work for you and what role(s) you'd be willing to provide (or respond here, doesn't matter to me). We'll do what works best for most people.

It'll be fun to switch things up and see some different content, as many of us haven't seen the heroic modes of the previous raid tiers. The current plan is to start with the easier ones and work our way up. Please see me with any questions/concerns and make sure to spread the word. If we don't get ten people, we aren't going to be able to do this!
T11/T12 raids

I have been thinking about something along this line myself. Please post what times your thinking of holding the raid and I'll try my best to make it.
Thanks all of you who have expressed interest so far, both on the forums and in game. There really seems to be a demand to run this, and I'm excited to get started come March!

Currently we are looking at either a Saturday or Sunday run. I'm not sure if it will be in the afternoon or early evening yet. We're looking at around a three hour slot with a little wiggle room at the end in case we're close to a kill. The run will go no later than 9:00 ST, so we'll probably schedule to be done by 8:00 or 8:30 server at the latest, and even earlier if we do it in the afternoons.

I still need to get schedules from a few people who have expressed interest before I can specify more closely which time/day we're looking at. Currently we're looking for a group of ten interested who can commit to coming every week, as it will take multiple weeks to complete each meta.

If you aren't able to make it every week but are still interested in going please let me know and I will keep you in the loop.

I'm always interested in going somewhere with a group, however, I never know if I'm going to be on or not....so...if I'm on, I'd love to fill a spot if you have one. (disc priest heals on Wend or alternately resto shammy heals or ele dps (weak) on Dranoe)
I'm very interested as well. Will contact you in game to let you know but with kids nailing down times is pretty difficult unless they are in bed already.
Hey everyone, I'm soooooooooooo excited to start running these next weekend! We've had a lot of interest from people in forming this group and now have nine people committed to go.

We'll be running every Sunday afternoon in March, and I've sent out calendar invites to confirm the times for all of you who have committed to going. If any of you know of a healer or rdps (with good aoe dps), please let me know. Only one spot left!

If we don't fill the slot before Sunday we'll still be going and will pick up someone in guild or ask around for a friend to fill in when the time comes!
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Hey all,

We officially have ten people who can commit to every Sunday (or almost every week) in March.

However, we do need someone to fill in Sunday at 1:45 for Heroic BWD (Healer or ranged w/ good aoe dps).

Please let me know if you're interested in joining us.

Tier 11 Cheeves on Hold/ICC Instead

Due to lack of interest and lack of attendance for whatever reason, the Tier 11 cheeves have been put on hold indefinitely.

Today we went and did ICC 25 cheeves. We had 14 people attend and completed 9 achievements today. We plan to continue the rest next week (God-willing).

The current plan for next Sunday is to pick up on the blood queen, the frost wing, and then kill the Lich King himself. We'll be working on the "normal" cheeves for each boss in order to get the drake. EVERYONE who comes and gets the achievements for the meta will be getting a skeletal drake.

Please sign up on the guild calendar if you'd like to attend. We only had 14 people today and were able to do it, but we still have plenty of room for all of you to come. Spread the word for those interested.

After next week I'd like to start knocking off these bosses on heroic (don't panic, they're not that hard on heroic!) to work on polishing off that meta as quickly as possible!

We had a great time ROFL-stomping ICC today, and I can't wait to kill Arthas again and get some of you your "Kingslayer" titles!!!
Are you guys still doing these? I'd love to join. Let me know when the next run of the "older" content is. I'm an 85, but not qualified for the higher raids, so I'm interested in doing the lower-tier stuff.
We do these every Sunday. It's on the guild calendar, so please sign up if you're interested. These will continue as long as we have enough interest to do them.