Thursday 14 September, 2017


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Changing Course
Thursday, September 14th, 2017

Read 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12

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Brothers and sisters, we ask and encourage you in the Lord Jesus to keep living the way you already are and even do better.

— 1 Thessalonians 4:1 (CEB)

The Cávado River is a small river that follows a linear course through Portugal. Its presence provided sustenance to an old settlement for thousands of years. The river has always been important to the life and livelihood of the people around it. In the 1960s, a large dam was built that changed everything around the river. The regional microclimate changed. The presence of large amounts of water in the reservoir reduced the area’s extreme temperatures. It created an efficient source of power. With the electricity came refrigerators, radio, telephone, TV, and Internet — radically changing people’s lives.

So it is when our lives are changed by Christ’s presence. We can direct our potential as God’s children to the service of others. Those who accept Christ can change everything around them. Like the dam, Christ changes the courses of our lives for the better. Rather than being lost, each person’s potential is put to a new use, a new flow, a new path that transforms us and those around us.

The Author
Emanuel Dinis (Portugal)
Thought for the Day

Today I will follow God in the service of others.

Creator and Sustainer of all life, help us to grow in the image of Christ so that we can be a blessing for those around us. Amen.

Prayer focusThose without electricity
I have very little to add to this today. Just note the prayer focus for those in Florida.