Things you can get away with while playing War


I've had the oddest weekend of war thus far. On saturday, Keero and I did some T2 keep defense. Keero was busy healing while I spammed lions! I couldn't resist chatting with a friend online but yet didn't want to miss out. So...all I did was call the lion, put the heal over time on it, and it would find a reason to go attack something on its own and die of course. Rinse and repeat! So yea, I got lots of influence just hitting two buttons sporadically!

Today, I chatted on the phone with my friend and did scenarios with Zoey. While she did all the healing..heh...notice a pattern?....I played my lvl 1 - 3 bright wizard with one hand. Thats right.....I used the double mouse button to move forward and keyboard keys to throw dots, fireballs, sears on people. When it looked dangerous, I was able to move a 'little' away from danger. One scenario, I came in 2nd in damage for order this way at level 3. I think that says a lot about order's lack of dps skills, sheesh!

I wonder if I could vacuum or apply for jobs while playing? Hmmm. Any other funny happenings with people while they were playing? I hear Odale gets bitten by cats and dogs and fleas while playing! Ha!
your multitasking skills are amazing Zeb XD I have been living with my dad, and every time my mom has called I have had to choose between listening to her and playing...