Thief 3


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I like it. Haven't seen this good gameplay/level design since the older days. Wish I had the money for it.
I wish my computer could run it... My Geforce FX 5200 recently died on me, so now I'm back to my lame old Geforce 2
(and my awe inspiring voodoo 2 on my other PC [12 MB of vast unimaginable power!])
Yeah, I've got a 5200. Not bad, but could be better, too; it has trouble running "Return of the King" above 800x600, and it freezes once in a while in "Morrowind". "Freelancer" looks great on it though.
I tried the demo seemed ok but the game felt to imprecise like Deus Ex 2 (same engine) the both seemed unreliable when aiming and even when the fps were high the movement seemed way off becuase it's basicly a 3rd person game but when you do 1st person they just put the camera at eye level.
Overall the AI seemed pretty good and the load zones do not seem as bad as Deus Ex so I may have to pick it up.