The State of Left 4 Dead 2


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So as few/many know our game night attendance has been dwindling down... we've had a good run with the game, but new games will always take time away from the old ones.

With that being said I would like to know everyone opinions about closing the L4D2 server so the donations could be used towards another game server that would better serve our members.

I would also like to see how people would feel about slowing down our game nights... with only a few players coming it may be better to just schedule game nights as we see fit and we may get more attendance on those nights.

As of right now no changes are happening until I get some input from you all, but changes may be coming soon.

Now discuss....
Thursday nights seems to be really hard for me to make game nights. I was gifted a copy of L4D2 and really enjoy playing with ya'll. If we can find a game we can increase attendance to I'd be ok with taking it down but only if we find a game we can increase attendance in (See my DayZ thread). Otherwise I say keep it up and try playing with differnt game nights
I'm fine with whatever you all decide, but let's keep in mind that there are probably a few of us (myself included) who have computers and Internet connections capable of hosting dedicated servers for game nights (meaning we only turn them on for game nights and shut them down when we're done for the night).

It's nowhere near as convenient as having a 24/7 rented server and, despite how difficult Valve makes it to maintain and operate a Source engine game server, I'd really liked having our own L4D2 server.

But if game nights continue to see low attendance and members agree that donations could be better spent elsewhere, we can still play together. Push comes to shove, we could even have a person who commits to playing through the entire event host a local (instead of a dedicated) server on the PC they play on.

But again, I'm cool with what you all decide.

EDIT: If we decide to take down the L4D2 server and allocate that money toward another server, I think you all know what server I'd like to run. (Yes, Natural Selection 2. :))
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Unfortunately Thursday nights don't work for me anymore. At least not regularly. As Tek said, if we want, we've got members who can start up a server for a game night, so it may be better to allocate those funds elsewhere.