The Song of Creation


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Here begin the tales of Polara's legendary forgotten past, of which this is only the first Chapter.

The Song of Creation

Lyric 1
Before which was and is, and yet shall be
Illumine was, and in all things was He
His mighty hand and arm encompassed all
He drew the Horn of Life, and blew His call

Lyric 2
And with the call, Illumine's song began
Each note took form, to shape Illumine's plan
In harmony with heaven’s hymn He wrote
To sanctify and cherish every note

Lyric 3
The song Illumine sang was good to Him
He drew His mighty hand across the rim
Each note ablaze, as breath alights the coals,
Cascaded down as waves upon the shoals

Lyric 4
And so, the stars were made to shine above
Like embers from the forge, Illumine’s love
Shirabi and Ystari were their name
Illumine’s light; he clothed them in the same

Lyric 5
Illumine’s love was light without a sky
An ocean deep; unfathomed would it lie
Till high and deep Illumine would attune
In light, the Sun; in mystery, the Moon

Lyric 6
Lios and Pel, the Sun and Moon He made
The Sun, a man who faithfully obeyed
With Moon, the water-bearer at his side
They lit the heavens both, as groom and bride.

Lyric 7
In Pavelon, the Temple of the Lord
Shirabi forged a golden crown and sword
Their king arrayed, with crown upon his head
The Sun and Moon in Pavelon, were wed

Lyric 8
Illumine sang another mighty song
To Sun and Moon, a kingdom would belong
With harp of many strings, He struck the chord
All heaven heard the singing of the Lord

Lyric 9
Illumine's harp, the heart of heaven stirred
Each string, a thread to weave Illumine's word
A world He made at heaven's wedding feast
He flowered forth in word both bird and beast

Lyric 10
All heaven marveled with the Moon and Sun
Rejoicing with Illumine, all, but one
Who’s seat was great, to sit Illumine’s right
His name was Halazar, the Everlight

Lyric 11
Halazar saw the world Illumine made
He knew the joy in what Illumine played
This too he knew; the gift was not for him
So Halazar the morning star, grew dim

Lyric 12
In jealousy the feast would he depart
And hungering he ate in hate, his heart
From out that breast would boil black, a cloud
With noise, potent as poison, ringing loud

Lyric 13
None but Illumine heard the noise he made
The discord grew; He knew, and still He played
He sang of mountains, and the mighty seas
His song was rooted in the grass and trees

Lyric 14
Illumine's song, the Sun and Moon adored
They heard no noise against Illumine’s chord
Upon this world, their vineyard taking root
Illumine’s Sun and Moon would bear him fruit

Lyric 15
Polara was the world's given name
A kindom, so the wedding gift became
Its capitol, Lunathi, tall and white
Was as a candle radiating light

Lyric 16
And when the song was done, Illumine turned
Halazar's fog of evil He discerned
Three kings the Father sent against his hate
To lay the cornerstones of heaven's gate

Lyric 17
For, hidden on Polara, heaven’s jewel
A thing forbidden, one; Illumine’s pool
Its water’s deep and cold would hold Abyss
Halazar thirsted first for only this

Lyric 18
Illumine traced his finger through the sky
A ring of fire, its walls and towers high
Shirabi angels armed in full array
Stood guard upon the entry night and day

Lyric 19
So Halazar was driven by the Three
to heaven's hills; this holy trinity
As heaven's kings would bring to heel, the dog
With fans in hand, they purged his evil fog

Lyric 20
And so Halazar's evil's ire slept
He lurked in hollows, hungrily he crept
Devouring what little he could find
To satiate the madness of his mind

Lyric 21
When Pel and Lios saw Polara's ring
They wondered well what tidings it would bring
Shirabi lord, to Pavelon they sent
To learn Illumine’s meaning and intent

Lyric 22
In heaven's hills sat hungry Halazar
He saw their envoy's entry from afar
From out the hills he came to lie in wait
Near to the road that ran to heaven's gate

Lyric 23
With treachery, the envoy would he greet
He coaxed him from the path, so they would meet
And fawning, feigned to ask his brother's mind
To follow with a bludgeon from behind

Lyric 24
His brother’s countenance the villain stole
And wearing counterfeited cloak and role
He passed Polara's ring with ill intent
Their guarding eyes were fooled, so through he went

Lyric 25
And thus disguised, he hastened to the king
To give him word about Polara's ring
Grave news he had; three kings upon one throne
Usurpers of the crown, Illumine’s own

Lyric 26
“To bar heaven's approach, a wall of fire”
“Illumines hand they wield,” so told the liar
And knowing not a lie, they were deceived
A traitor’s tale he told, to be believed

Lyric 27
Disrobed, the injured envoy traveled on
His injury would treat in Pavelon
And in his rest, a story would he tell
The servants there would ponder what befell

Lyric 28
The envoy and the servants searched the road
From heaven's hills, to where the river flowed
All heaven’s hounds were called to find the foe
Their track would lead to heaven’s gate, and woe

Lyric 29
And when to heaven’s gate the envoy came
They wondered at his face, to see the same
Alike to him, another had gone through
The wardens feared, and knew not what to do

Lyric 30
Their party with the wardens went in haste
Lunathi and its king, a danger faced
For Halazar had passed through heaven’s gate
To take with him his poison and his hate

Lyric 31
And lo, they found the city girt for war
Great trestles with a bridge to guard the door
They blew the horn, and sought a way inside
No word within, save arrows, were replied

Lyric 32
To Pavelon, the messengers returned
To warn Illumine of what they had learned
Illumine knew, and told them of his plan
So faith would shape the doubtful course of man

Lyric 33
And doubt Halazar hissed in Lios’ ears
“They take word to our foe, it now appears”
“And mighty they, who wield Illumine’s hand”
“If He should fall, what hope have we to stand?”

Lyric 34
The mighty heart of Lios would he grieve
That more the king, his councils would receive
Confounding him, the villain in a mask
His twisted tongue would weave the tearful task

Lyric 35
And this is what the hated traitor told
“There is a pool; and power great it holds”
“Indeed, one greater than Illumine’s hand”
“A drink, my king, and you shall understand”

Lyric 36
At last, with hope so utterly bereft
The king and queen were taken to a cleft
The place upon Polara which would hide
The pool forbidden on a mountainside

Lyric 37
And when they reached that hidden place above
There sat a tree, and on the tree a dove
Each eye was bright; a roaring in its breath
It spoke these words; “Who seeks the pool of death?”

Lyric 38
“A warning thou shalt take, to tread this ground”
“I breathe the breath of life, and know its sound”
“So too, I know the silence in the song”
“I know the end, and where it should belong”

Lyric 39
“For, all who seek the waters of this pool”
“Were sent upon the errand of a fool”
“Its power, none shall ever profit by”
“For truly, he who drinks shall surely die”

Lyric 40
Then Halazar, who knew Illumine’s voice
Would boldly take his cup to make his choice
He stooped to dip the waters of the dead
And drank of it, unto the dregs of dread

Lyric 41
At this, the dove alighted and was gone
While Halazar beheld his king and pawn
Illumine’s voice, the Sun would know as well
So too his choice; of heaven or of hell

Lyric 42
“Fear not, for, lo, the messenger has fled”
“Behold, I hold the cup, and am not dead”
“I drank before,” the traitor told his lie
“I drink again, and surely did not die”

Lyric 43
So Pel would dip the cup of dark demand
As Lios watched, and did not stay her hand
With wicked wiles the traitor would proclaim
“For this, the water-bearer was her name”

Lyric 44
“Though painful is the need to disobey”
“The son must do the Father’s work today”
“For surely He would see this come to pass”
“For heaven’s hope, our dire deed, alas!”

Lyric 45
The golden cup, presented to her king
All misery within, that it would bring
So Lios drank, and likewise Pel with him
A bitter cold they felt in every limb

Lyric 46
And so the fate of man Illumine knew
The somber veil, across his face he drew
A mournful wind in heaven, blowing cold
Would stoke the ring of fire treble fold

Lyric 47
So Sun and Moon were sundered from the sky
As mortal man and wife, both doomed to die
Though twice as bright, now neither heaven’s friend
Their light; a candle burning end to end

Lyric 48
Lunathi’s mighty host would march to war
In numbers none in heaven could ignore
The towers of the wall, a height so great
No parley could be made at heaven’s gate

Lyric 49
So Lios’ ear again would gain the liar
“Thy crown and sword were forged in heaven’s fire”
“So that thy light was greatest over all”
“And greater still than even heaven’s wall”

Lyric 50
Three days they tried the door, to no avail
For adamant its cross and beam, and nail
That not until the Sun let loose his wrath
Could mortal man set foot on heaven’s path

Lyric 51
Yet at the broken door, there would await
Resplendent kings, who are Illumine’s gate
“You’ve but to knock,” three voices spoke as one
“And only thus is heaven’s bar undone”

Lyric 52
“Usurpers,” Halazar decried the Three
“Behold thy foes, oh son of majesty”
“What bar was there before to keep us out?”
“That heaven needed doors, or more, of doubt?”

Lyric 53
“Should heaven now be kept by lock and key?”
So Lios spoke, “or ruled by such as thee?”
“My father did not make three bridal gowns”
“That heaven’s reign exchange divided crowns”

Lyric 54
“Divided crowns may never heaven rule”
“So speak the lips that touch Illumine’s pool”
“By lies, thy eyes are blind,” the trio spoke
“Tis villainy that wears the stolen cloak”

Lyric 55
“So let there now be light to every eye!”
Their word, a beacon running sky to sky
With brightest beam to lay the liar bare
They split deception’s seam which sowed the tare

Lyric 56
Three verities would split the devil wide
That creature, bestial of horn and hide
Stood naked to the host at heaven’s door
With hateful hoof, he rent the cloak he wore

Lyric 57
“Behold my face and quail, oh fallen king”
“Who to this cursed gate, my hate would bring”
“A fool thou art, to think this mighty host”
“Would follow such as thee to heaven’s coast”

Lyric 58
And with these words, two thirds would step aside
To take their place with him who fell to pride
Ystari lords and ladies, seven each
To seek the prize that pride would dare to reach

Lyric 59
Lios and Pel, aghast at what they’d done
Would see the sky no longer held the Sun
On wounded knee the Sun and Moon despair
With ashen face they bore cremated care

Lyric 60
As though to further woe their burdened lord
Eight hundred of his host this hurt ignored
Abandoning their king at heaven’s gate
They sat upon offence, and hence would wait

Lyric 61
And there opposed two mighty armies stood
One light, one dark, by heaven’s hill and wood
The Three withdrew, the fight was man’s to make
Until the sleeper from his sleep awake

Lyric 62
No herald’s hymn shall ever hum the tale
No minstrel’s mind, denied by vision’s veil
Shall ever sing what raged on holy shore
Or know what came to blows at heaven’s door

Lyric 63
Though valiant the Sun and Moon would fight
The day came to an end, and hastened night
As conquered slaves, the beast would have them towed
Behind the host that marched on heaven’s road

Lyric 64
Illumine heard him come, and knew he dared
All Pavelon would stand in wait, prepared
Their numbers like to count the ocean’s drops
From valley’s floor to mighty mountain tops

Lyric 65
When Halazar beheld the number there
Twas twice the fright that grayed the devil’s hair
And lo, to his delight they parted wide
As though to state that hate could there abide

Lyric 66
So, on he marched, unswerving from the path
That road he chose, and rode it to its wrath
The son of hate; the beast of vile disguise
Discerned his fate, and feasted with his eyes

Lyric 67
There on the temple door he was withstood
By him rewarded ill for dealing good
The envoy dealt a blow by Halazar
Would pity still the fallen morning star

Lyric 68
“My brother, stop, and do not go this way”
“The uttermost is yet for thee to pay”
“This temple’s cornerstone is not of sand”
“It falls on thee, to force Illumine’s hand”

Lyric 69
“It falls on me indeed,” the beast replied
“None else but I could win his way inside”
“Though He forbid me still to sit and sup”
“Yet shall I serve His will a bitter cup”

Lyric 70
Said on the envoy “Do not shame this hall”
And so become the beastly least of all
“Consider now, of all, thy lofty height”
“A measure for thy fall, oh Everlight”

Lyric 71
Halazar hissed to hear this final word
He spat contempt upon what he had heard
And scarce the spittle struck the fateful floor
When Halazar stepped foot inside the door

Lyric 72
And so, by force of will and hardened heart
Would Halazar forever stand apart
For treachery and pride to be so great
That it would bring to heaven’s temple, hate

Lyric 73
Just then, as when all wind will cease to blow
Afore the storm’s return, and double so
With silent calm that nearly deafens thee
So came the presence of eternity

Lyric 74
The Everlight; his fear not near enough
The Lord’s rebuke his lack of faith to snuff
By grip so great, none ere it could conceive
The heavy hand that made the beast believe

Lyric 75
And with the morning star upon the rack
The traitor’s army wailed and bore its back
Though instantly their flight would see defeat
As Heaven’s Host converged to bar retreat

Lyric 76
From out the temple door; Illumine’s judge
Whom justice absolute shall bear no grudge
The first to spare, or hammer final nail
He balanced great and small with even scale

Lyric 77
His gavel struck the bar, “Attend the stand!”
All heaven shook to hear the judge command
The rebel heart was stilled, their voices mute
In foot if not in faith it held its root

Lyric 78
Said he,“You seek to flee, and heaven lose?”
“Thou might, but take a warning; wisely choose”
“For I’ll forbid thee neither flight nor fate”
“So take thy sentence now, or vow to wait”

Lyric 79
And thusly said, all heaven found its feet
Two thirds of sin would scarper from the seat
They fell from heaven, burning black as pitch
To bury in Polara’s deepest ditch

Lyric 80
Those who remained would hold their fearful ground
A third, and less a third this courage found
The judge would take the seat of open court
His gavel gave the second sharp report

Lyric 81
“Upon thy heads be written final doom”
“Let on thy hearts it linger long, and loom”
“And still despite, by pain, His purchase bought”
“A second hope for thee who came to naught”

Lyric 82
“This justice serve, all ye who swerved of late”
“From heaven’s temple to its very gate”
“Wipe clean the stains upon the step and stone”
“Of him who sought to take Illumine’s throne”

Lyric 83
So, justly were they dipped into the plunge
To scrub the steps, their glory was the sponge
With hardened hide they wiped the prideful mark
Till stripped away; as saplings bare of bark

Lyric 84
And shivering they stood at heaven’s gate
For giants they, made low from high estate
Would share mortality with fallen man
To live and die, or bear the final ban

Lyric 85
Then, with the host dismissed, Lios and Pel
Were brought to bear the bitter trial as well
“Where did you fail?” the judge spoke only this
To make his charge of man who stood remiss

Lyric 86
And Lios, who would know the awful truth
Enough to sap a century of youth
Replied, “We took the cup at this entice”
“For godhood absent God, despite the price”

Lyric 87
“Though late it be thy tongue should intervene”
“Better for all, had it at that ravine”
The judge declared, “It does not wag a lie”
“And still the price; for thou shalt surely die”

Lyric 88
“Were there no law in thee, then neither sin”
And so the song, though wrong, remains within
For discord wormed its way into thy note
And all who sought to tune Illumine’s rote

Lyric 89
So doomed and yet redeemed their sentence passed
To occupy the sky, unto the last
With watchful eye, they keep Polara’s face
From blemish greater than their fallen grace

Lyric 90
Though mercy still would stir the judge’s heart
That sun and moon should ever be apart
With seven turns could Pel the moon atone
And kiss the husband hand that held the throne

Lyric 91
So with a kiss, resumes the king his place
Upon the world, that they may two embrace
Three minutes time, a mercy of the court
As long as all eternity, and short

Lyric 92
As shaken fist was taken well in hand
The judgment on the rebel beast would land
“A worm thou hast become,” the judge declared
“To slime Illumine’s step, and how you dared”

Lyric 93
“Into the garden mud, so slink and crawl”
“Until Illumine brings an end to all”
“Redemption’s scent forever curse and crave”
“That so the road, though witless, will you pave”

Lyric 94
At this, the hand released the fallen star
Polara turned its face and rued the scar
Straight through, and true, the fall was so complete
The ground again would never bear his feet

Lyric 95
The final judgment was the worst of all
Eight hundred who ignored their duty’s call
To hot or cold was given least a word
That tepid host, his silence only heard

Lyric 96
With judgment done, the judge Illumine begs
“Of righteousness, the worm no more has legs”
“So fell that foe from ladder’s highest rung”
“And yet we leave the worm his tooth, and tongue?”

Lyric 97
Illumine’s judge was perfect in his trust
So when the question fell, so fall it must
Illumine spoke, “We must, though it offend”
“That I should see this Justice to its end”

Lyric 98
“One tooth he keeps, despite this fallen state”
“To wound me still when lo, the hour is late”
“The spittle spat shall grease the hateful wheel”
“To bite, in spite, Illumine’s final heel”

Lyric 99
“This saying, none but I shall understand”
“His fate: to sit again upon my hand”
“Though not until the world’s end is nigh”
“And by his own hand, double shall he die”

Lyric 100
All heaven shook to hear this final say
That even to the pit it made its way
Where Halazar would forge a bitter crown
On hearing what the highest echoed down

Lyric 101
There in the pit, a final kingdom grew
The bad they took, the good they ever slew
So he who fell, and those who judgment fled
Would crave and hate all flesh, as living dead

Lyric 102
For now Polara sets the final stage
On which this song is but the starting page
Within, the final battle to be fought
Take heed to hear the truth, and see it taught

Lyric 103
If man ye be, seek ever to be wise
Keep vigil on thy foe, the lord of lies
And in that vigil know as well, thy friends
For on that worm, Illumine’s heel descends

Lyric 104
Do not lose hope, and see thy sword is sharp
Fear not the end, to waken from the dream
The world will always be Illumine’s harp
His song is living word; He shall redeem