The Seventh Tower: The Fall


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I have just finished reading this book. Even though it is a childs book, I still found it interesting. The story its self was full of action and mystery and all in all was one of the best books I think I have ever read. Definitely NOT a waste of time.

It is about a boy named, Tal, and his mission is to retrieve power crystals from a red tower. There are four towers and Tal's village/kingdom... whatever you want to call it was yellow and the red hates the yellow. So Tal has to climb the red tower and steal the crystals so that he can rebuild their life force. However, he ends up falling and the story begins there. Of course he gains friends (or what I heard someone say about "party members" for The Golden compass) through the journey.

Also, I had forgotten to mention that there are five books after The Fall if anyone is interrested.
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