The New MOHAA Chapter


First of all, thanks to Tek7 and Rizz for setting this chapter up! Thanks guys!

Next, I want to say that it may take a while to set things up with the server and all, but hopefully not too long. Right now I'm working on some server mods for MOHAA, some that might help with security and unwanted mods or viruses popping up. If anyone has any suggestions, please send them in!

I'll get back with everyone when I've got the server up and runnin'!

Woo! Activity in the MoH chapter! Rock on!

I've adjusted the forum title to match the others. Many thanks to Rizz for creating the forum and to Ryan for volunteering as chapter leader. I'm on call if any of you need anything.
<span style='color:white'>Howdy! Back again. Sorry for the delay, but I've been working on my website, and also trying to get the ball rollin for the MOHAA Chapter. I'll post an invitation on the General Forums for anyone who wants to join.

Sweet! I actually JUST bought it yesterday. I borrowed it from a friend when it first came out last year and thought it was fantastic. The last few months I've been wanting to play it again, but I liked it so much I wanted to buy my own.

I had only played the SP missions at the time. But now I may try the MP game.

I'm not a ToJ member, though. I am already a member of a Jedi Knight clan, that really takes up most of my time and is my focus (along with CCGR/CGA). But I may pop my head in every once in awhile if that's ok.
<span style='color:white'>Sure; please do drop in frequently. If you're interested later, maybe you can e-mail me and we can set up a time, date, and level to play MOHAA on.

Please let us know when there is a server running. I've got the game all installed and patched to 1.11. I'd really like to play on-line, but having never played this in MP, I don't really want to go to a regular public server. I'd prefer going to a more friendly environment.

Any recommendations for current friendly servers you may know about? Someplace where newbies are treated with respect?

The Men of God server (do a search for *MoG* and you should find it) is friendly. The problem is that they use a lot of custom maps and if you want to play on that server you will have to DL them from the Men of God website ( ).
Oh fantastic! I knew about MoG, but for some reason, I thought they were BF1942. DL'ing the custom maps is no problem. Thanks a lot for the pointer.
I stopped by the MoG: MoH site but didn't find any downloads in the download section. ;_; I have a "LAN copy" *cough* of MoH:AA and MoH:SH on my computer and I figured I'd stop by some time to check out how it plays online.
Tek, the map downloads are sort of hidden. You can't get to them from their Medal of Honor page. You need to go through the downloads page from the main MoG page.